In 1958 the Conejo Players is born with a “Let’s start a theater” attitude, a meager treasury, and a handful of volunteers to build a stage in a barn and put on shows. Within seven years and a history of some 20+ productions, the attitude evolves into: “Let’s build a theater”. With the generosity of the Janss Foundation and a no-interest construction loan, a 126 seat theater opens at the current South Moorpark Road location in July 1964. In 1974, on the tenth anniversary of the building (and nearly 50 productions later) the mortgage is paid. In just eight years (another 40 mainstage shows and 8 Conejo Afternoon Theater— CAT—productions) the urge to grow leads to a new lobby, new restrooms, new theater seats and increases capacity to 185.

Only eight years pass (another 40 productions and 30 CAT shows) and the need to grow demands a workshop, rehearsal and storage areas. In 1989 an 1800 square foot “expansion” is added to the back of the theater. Storage, prop and scene shop areas are greatly enhanced. Ten years pass (over 60 mainstage productions, 35 CAT shows, and 3 Children’s Theater productions), the interior of the auditorium shows its age and the nearly 20 year old theater seats are uncomfortable. The need to refurbish, improve and remodel with air conditioning, improved access and new seats becomes the “Reaching for the Stars” campaign. The Phase One remodel is completed in 2002. In 2005 the desire to enhance the Conejo Players’ musical theater capabilities leads to construction of an orchestra pit prior to the opening musical of the 2006 season.

There is always so much to do (the next show is already in rehearsal and auditions are set for the following) but all the activities—the hard work and the fun—are kept in focus by the Conejo Players Theatre’s uncompromising mission statement. It doesn’t say when the mission is complete. There’s no end to creativity. Here we are and here we’ll be. Join us.

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The Conejo Players Theatre
June 2009
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA