CCO brings people of all faiths together to build relationships, develop strong leaders, and improve the quality of life in our communities.

CCO is the lead organization in Kansas City training grassroots community members to participate effectively in civic life and affect social change in their neighborhoods and communities. CCO routinely gathers the largest and most diverse numbers of people in Kansas City to address critical community issues.

CCO works with over 24 congregations and communities representing 18,000 people throughout Kansas City. With these groups, we train community leaders to reach out to their neighbors, identify common concerns, research possible solutions, and collaborate with the key decision-makers to implement solutions.

Our organizing unifies and empowers large bases of local residents to participate in the democratic process and achieve tangible results. CCO’s most notable accomplishments for its communities include:

Prompting the investment of over $20 million in housing and community development;
Securing commitments of $9.5 million in basic city services and infrastructure for economically poor communities;
Improving the health of Missouri families and communities through statewide policy changes around codes enforcement, urban grocery stores, pay-day loans, and access to health insurance;
Enhancing youth development through 1,250 parent-teacher trainings, a free soccer league of over 300 youth, improved park facilities and 10 new soccer fields, and youth scholarships;
Reducing crime and drug abuse by partnering with the City and County to close over 200 drug houses and raise over $20 million annually to implement drug prevention and enforcement strategies.

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April 2009