Welcome to my online album of crocheted creations! This album captures most everything I've crocheted since 2009, and a good portion of what I crocheted in the 10 years prior to that. I actually learned to crochet in 1979 (YIKES) but really stepped it up in the late 90s, around the same time I was starting my extensive personal web site. I've since copied photos from that site to the Earlier Creations folders in this album.


Crochet is my true creative outlet and my passion. I did have an Etsy shop during the latter part of 2019 under my then-new biz name, Blessnfluff Creations. SInce Etsy didn't work out (due to massive competition), I'm going back to craft fairs plus taking local orders and occasional special orders. I have also gone back to my original biz name, Comfort N'Joy. If you are interested in anything you see pictured here, I may still have it on hand, or depending on what it is, I may agree to create a special order for you, so please message me! Thank you for looking at my photos.

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