I love images. Time frozen forever.


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    old old fashioned says:

    "It doesn't happen often.
    It happens quite rarely.
    You see someone's photos and feel a sudden urge to meet him.
    And when you do he turns out to be just like you expected.
    Or even more.

    Colster is the fastest shooter I ever met.
    Always hunting for images, not hesitating to press the shutter at the right moment. And when the lights fade out his night tripping skills start to shine.

    He was my guide to the secret areas of London. Showing me the hidden treasures and telling exciting stories. And teaching how to drink beer properly.

    Or, just forget about what I wrote and meet him, if you can.
    You'll understand what I mean :o)


    15th April, 2009

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    JKönig says:

    "i'm relatively new to colin's stream, but boy do i need to make up for lost time. his work is so very impressive -- especially when he takes his holga out into the streets of london. he's an incredibly sweet guy, yet his photography has an edge to it, an awareness of the human condition that is all too rare in contemporary photography. i think the thing that impresses me the most is his ability to wrangle light, bending it and reflecting it and holding it like a ball of glass in his hands. i'm a recent convert to film, and he's one of the reasons i've fallen in love with it. he's shown me its potential, and i hope to be inspired by him for a long, long time to come."

    14th April, 2009

January 2009