”Art on paper is one of the most effective ,immediate and enduring means of telling the human story, both in times of war and in times of peace”.

- Reena Jana


I use the language of printmaking to tell a story of my time on earth fictionalizing, questioning and experimenting with mediums, processes, text and image


Caleb & I play music as Big Blood.


Dontrustheruin records


love love: hildegard von bingen, geeshi wiley, pj harvey-all of em, diamanda galas, kate bush, memphis minnie,

nina simone, moondog, missy elliot, Nolde, KLee, Jungil Hong, Quinnisa Rose, Kah lib, clemintines, peace, justice, assata shakur, odetta, zora neale hurston, philip k dick, school on Heart's content road, nettles, pepermint, cardamom, the fountainhead, big lizards in my backyard, fellie com'ere, CCR


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asian mae gave up a promising career as a street juggler to persue music, baby making, photography, print making and chine colleing. variety theatres loss is your gain.

April 10, 2008

Asian Mae rocks! She makes beautiful music and the most lovely art. Wow, what a woman!!

June 8, 2006