Long time amateur radio operator and also
amateur photographer, just for fun. Using film cameras since the mid 1960's to the 80's and now digital.

My photos are more of a personal record of what caught my interest at the time, this includes post processing techniques I discover along the way.
Photographing and reproducing a scene "as is", has an important place in an historical or references context. However, for me, photography is also an art form. The images to be manipulated... or not, as the mood takes me.
So you will find shots straight from the camera (as manipulated by it) and others that I have post processed to my liking.

The following piece has been written in response to somewhat negative comments from various sources over the years concerning post processing of images.

To post process or to leave the image as it comes from the camera?

One camp sees it as sacrilege to do any post processing of an image at all, as if it has some special merit.

Another sees the image from the camera as just a starting point.

My position is with the second group. There are few images straight from the camera that cannot be improved by some post processing. (What camera consistently produces images that reflect exactly what you saw or want to portray?)
If you can always get what you want straight from the camera then good for you, you're in the minority or easily pleased. I would love to know what camera you use.

The first group don't seem to appreciate that they are processing their images by proxy... the choices they have made in the settings of their camera, and there are becoming more and more choices to be had with each new camera!
The first group are simply severely limiting themselves to the processing options of the camera.
It seems common sense to do some post processing (if required) to achieve the result you want.

Because we all experience the world differently, photography has to be about
personal expression .

It's the final image that matters !!


Cameras at present are;
Nikon D7200, Canon Eos 6D, Fujifilm X100T,
Samsung NX300 CSC ,Canon Eos550d,
Olympus 35RC and Olympus XA film cameras/
Pentax spotmatic II

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    stokeyouth1 says:

    "Colin seems like a thoroughly nice chap and excellent photographer. His superb shots are always accompanied by thorough and engaging text, indicating a deep interest in his subject matter and a love for his surroundings.
    More importantly though, he is very supportive and encouraging towards photographers who do not yet posses his skills. It is always a pleasure to interact with Colin and hopefully pick up hints and advice which will hopefully, ultimately, lead to an increase in skill levels for all his contacts."

    September 26th, 2011

May 2009
Norwich Norfolk
North Norfolk, England
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