So this is where you're supposed to describe yourself (such a stereotypical intro). Je suis Canadien, j'adore la musique Canadienne!! I am Canadian, I love Canadian music. I also love to take photos with my camera, mainly anything random, I get bored easily so my trusty camera helps me out alot! I mainly take pictures for things such as different kinds of beer, architecture, and the odd concert or two.


I really want to improve my photography - and it bugs me when I discover I took a bad shot, so any tips help!


I speak French and English (well my French isnt le meilleur but I try to work on it every day). Hoping to finally get a job where I can use French on a regular basis.


I'm on Twitter:


I have a few groups too, so feel free to come check them out!:

I Love the Prairies!: (if you love the Canadian Prairies and American Great Plains)


Canadian Beer:


Live Music:


shadygrady85. Get yours at


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