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Visit my website at to learn more about me and my work. I use flickr as way of sharing my photos on a daily basis while my website serves as a portfolio. Flickr is great for witnessing such great varieties of creativity and some people's work have inspired me to try harder.


If you wish to use one of my photos for an article or something, send me a flickrmail and we can discuss. Most of the time, I allow usage, given a few stipulations are met.


Feel free to follow me on twitter ( I might even follow you back.


© Chase Hoffman Photography. All rights reserved. If you wish to license any photo of mine, please use my contact page on my website.


One last thing, anyone using flickrcomment will be blocked, no exceptions. Enjoy your ban.


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Erik H says:

Having known Chase before the photography, I can say that his passion for it has been growing by the day. Leading to the amazing photo-stream as you can see... Being able to shoot with him is a great thing.

March 31, 2010

Chase is a great photographer. His photos seem to have a certain quality about them. Every shot is perfectly exposed and his stream is full of such a variety of styles. A pleasure to watch here on Flickr.

June 11, 2009