This is what happens when you take a left-brain / right-brain guy who appreciates elegant composition and design and hand him a camera...

I do salute the Engineering flag (BS/MSEE) of the famous local school and mainly work in tech, but photography and bicycling and cars and great conversations and a bit of improv with my silly pals and a lovely little blond with sparkly eyes are what really make my world go 'round. I enjoy making people laugh and using images to start real conversations.

Humor warning : Python, Firesign, puns and more will appear in my captions and comments. (Some folks claim to enjoy them.)

Flickr has been great for inspiration. Seeing new images from talented contacts is a treat, bringing smiles and keeping me on my game (they're seriously great shots). And visitor feedback does help, so please feel free to ask or suggest tweaks or alternative approaches.

Do take a look through the faves (and galleries) I've assembled -- they contain some of the best shots on flickr and just about anywhere, methinks.

Bloggers and image "consumers" : I've had problems with abuse, including people who claimed my shots were theirs, and I don't take kindly to that. Tumblr and Facebook in particular enable others to pretend they did the work. At the very least y'all should credit the original photographers. You might actually find a way to help each other in the long term.

Group invitations : skip the big images in comments for group invitations -- I'll just prune them because they shut down useful comment threads. Also, I check the groups before including my shots -- sometimes there's no match. And I won't add them to any group I can't see.

Obnoxious comments : disgusting, rude, abusive, etc. comments will be deleted. Decent folks know I don't mind weird or snarky or punful writing, so for 99.98% of my visitors this won't be an issue. (And big thanks to y'all for that.)

This for That : I've had bad luck with people promising photo credit in exchange for use (and not delivering), so I typically choose to opt out. I'm sure you'll find what you need on another stream. That applies to requests for larger sizes too.

Enough blather. Wander 'round and see what strikes your fancy. Feel free to return now and then -- I try to keep it updated and have, for more than a decade on flickr.

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    A.E.Dunn says:

    "Carl is an über-talented photographer who can find beauty in almost anything he sees. Sometimes we forget to look up, down or around us--not Carl. He has the ability to maximize the potential in anything he sees. And that's why I'd like to stand in front of his camera one day. :)

    If you are selective about your flickr friends, be sure to add The Electrician. He's not only talented, but he also provides worlds of constructive criticism that will help a photographer grow and see things in a different perspective. He writes abundant comments that are witty and downright punny! If this guy writes a book, I'll be first in line for a signed copy. Then I'll go home and devour all the goodies and watch my technical skills develop tenfold."

    January 22nd, 2009

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    SeenyaRita says:

    "he's got it all--a sharp mind, a sharp eye and a wicked sense of humor. I guess that would be a sharp tongue but I prefer to describe that aspect of him as punny.

    He also seems to have a need for speed as evidenced by his preoccupation with bikes, planes and automobiles.

    Lastly, he's hunky. But, i think that might be a totally irrelevant comment to include in a testimonial. Oh well."

    August 28th, 2007

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