I love researching my family genealogy. I have some health issues, so working on genealogy research has been wonderful for me. Right now I'm working on my mom's side of the family; the Paulk's. They were from IrwinCo, GA, then Irwin split into BerrienCo in 1856, and then the closest town to my Paulk ancestors, Alapaha, was incorporated in 1881. The Paulk's pretty much stayed in one place-counties and new cities just formed around them. I just started a blog that will serve as a journal of my research. I've enjoyed reading other genealogy blogs for a while, and thought I might give it a try. I think I am known as the "family historian", so I am given lots of pictures! Many of these I still need to scan in. That's the reason I'm here-as a way to backup all my family photos, and to have a way to tell each of line of my family's story.

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November 2010
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