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Badass misfit transgender babe with a hot wife & a hot girlfriend.

Transition Progress (as of 5/2018):
On hormones since 8/1/2017 (injections since 12/22/17).
Full-time female since 9/15/17.
Publicly out as trans since 10/11/17.
Legally female since 12/21/17.
Speech therapy: 1 semester (8 sessions) of group speech therapy classes taken at GW Speech Clinic.
Weight: down 50lbs from 197 to ~145bs
Endocrinologist/gender therapist visits: 6.
Other therapist (4) visits: 12.
Mood stabilizer Lamictal since 4/13/18.
Hair removal: 27hrs electrolysis (36 treatments). 54 laser hair removal treatments: 17 face, 9 armpits, 7 legs/chest/ears, 6 brazilian, bi-weekly IPL on arms since 6/17.
Latisse for eyelash lengthening since 4/17
2 dental implants, Zoom teeth whitening.
Pierced ears, dyed/layered hair
Hypertrophic scars on arms & chest removed.
Plastic surgery consults continuing.
Female wardrobe replacement up to about 840 items.
Total transition expenditures now over $19,000.

NEW FLICKR SUCKS! 8 YEARS OF WORK JUST TO HAVE IT PISSED ON? Fortunately, you can view my stream as if it is the OLD FLICKR using this link:

"The woman of a thousand lighters."

Music Habits:

STRANGERS: My friends-only pics are actually for my actual real life friends in real life. That's it. I don't mind strangers adding me, but you will never be friend-level on flickr. Anyone with no written profile or no public pictures will be blocked if any form of contact is made.

MY PROCESS: I crop my photos for viewing on my 16:9, 1920x1080, 52" HDTV display! They won't look as good on a 4:3 traditional display! All my colors are optimized for this display too. If you aren't Photoshopping on a 52" display, you're just not seeing all the details. It's simply not possible :) I also tag the hell out of my pictures, write captions for every one, and upload them all using my own uploader written in perl. Some of the caption is assembled automatically; every picture passes through no less than 7000 lines of code.

I also copy-paste comments people write about my photos from other places (like Facebook). Flickr is where I "keep" their comments.

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Las Vegas honeymoon - Clint's BORG pic - borg_cl-700c

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Las Vegas honeymoon - Clio's BORG pic - borg_cl-700c

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October 2005
Woodbridge, VA
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