I blog about living with multiple disabilities/challenges and raising the world's most amazing kiddo and our adventures on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger's)...

Blog: beclever.wordpress.com


My creative focus is intense on the juxtaposition of opposites... something old, something new....something natural in origin and something made by people or machines... I love playing with light in my work, a feature that can be traced to my experience and experimenting with film (both still, photographic and motion picture)...


Folks from Etsy know me as CleverGirl and I can be found on Etsy at clevergirl.etsy.com


My work is extremely limited edition as I have been forced into retirement due to rheumatoid arthritis taking away my dexterity. Hopefully, in the future, I will create in metal again. Until then, I'm honing my still photography skills and playing with different equipment to feed my lust for hands-on learning while trying to satisfy my need to create and an increasing need for more manageable tools and modifications.


My favorite thing in the world is learning to work with new materials and techniques. I have a busy brain and using creativity and passion and a generous dash of scientific reasoning gets me over every hill I've been faced with.


I am completely self-taught in the work you see in my Etsy shop. (My professional background is in Film Production & Customer Service)


We live in SW Florida. We moved here 12 years ago and yes, I actually miss the snow.

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