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♥ About My Self ♥

Hello everybody! My name is Claudette Psico and I´m the girl you see. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1987 is my birth year and actually I am studying at the U.B.A university to be a psychologist. I love music and dancing, all forms of communication (Photography, Music, Literature, Movies, Forums) I like to hang out with friends and with my family. Love to travel, meet new people and learn new things. I don´t have private photos so "Contacts" will see the same photos that "Friends" and "Family" contacts can see.
All the pictures you see here are of me are and taken or by myself by argentine photographers.

♥ About My Pics ♥

The main focus of my experience on Flickr is to share with other people the pictures I take and also the pictures from other photographers for wich I pose. I will try to experience different types of photographies during this journey. They will be separated into related sets in order to allow other users find them easily by the thematic they are interested.

01 - Intimus Universum Set:
This is my first set and is composed by 100 photographs. I doesn't have explicit or pornographics photos but is composed by erotic oriented photographies. Some of them are a bit more revealing that others, but no one is in the pornographic category. I don´t do dedicated photographies written the someone else name on my body, so please, don´t ask me to do that. Some of these photos are in my public area, but you have to be my friend to see all of them. Feel free to enjoy them, favorite them, comment on them, Blog them... but remember they are my property so please... respect that.

04 - Multiplicity Set: The photos that are going to compose this set aren't done yet. I'm new in this and have to learn a lot yet. But i'm practicing and my idea is to start to upload the firsts photos as soon as possible.

08 - My Favorites: These are the photos I choose from other photographers here at Flickr. The reasons why they caught my attention are multiple: beauty, power, lighting, composition, subject... These are the images that make me say wow!.

♥ About Modeling for You ♥

Dear photographers: I know your portfolio is many times the first contact a potential client or agency has with you. I also know that this means that your portfolio images are extremely important to your photographer career. And I'm glad you invite me to be part of such important personal project as a model. But before you write your mail explaining which are your ideas and attaching some examples of the photographs you want to do... take a minute and read my profile! If you do so... you will note that I live in Buenos Aires - Argentina. In other words... I live far away from the United States and Europe. Anyway... thank you for your offers to pose. The way I use to work is simple. Basically I ask always to make three meetings. In the first one is to know you and to see together what type of photos we are going to do, where we are going to do them, what things we are going to need to do them, etc. In the second meeting we do the photoshoot. In the third meeting we choose together the photos which we are going to be published and which will not.
Estimados Fotografos: Gracias por leer mi profile. Si usted es un fotógrafo serio y está interesado en mi como modelo para sus fotografías, sepa primero que yo no soy una modelo profesional. Estas fotos son solamente fruto de una aventura como modelo / fotografa amateur que está evolucionando hacia un gusto por la fotografía como hobby. Si aún así tiene ganas de hacer fotos conmigo, le pido que me escriba un mail a claudettepsico [at] yahoo.com.ar contando un poco que tipo de fotos quiere hacer y para que las va a utilizar. Si el proyecto me entusiasma aporto ideas y colaboro en tratar de conseguir lo que se requiera para hacer la producción. Tampoco firmo contratos. Si lo que usted busca es una modelo para hacer desnúdos, no soy yo la persona ideal. . Finalmente es muy importante para mi poder asistir con una persona de mi entera confianza tanto a las reuniones como a la sesión de fotos. No solo por un tema de seguridad sino también porque siempre necesito a alguien de confianza que me ayude a llevar y traer las cosas o en los cambios de ropa, etc. De todas formas no se preocupe porque esa persona no va a ser ni mi mamá ni mi abuela :-) La forma en la que trabajo es simple ya que hago esto por hobby. El único requisito es que me guste la propuesta y que a la forma de llevarla hacia adelante sea seria. Si se hace, prefiero que sea todo de onda buscando hacer siempre las mejores fotos. Básicamente yo divido la producción en tres partes:

Pre-Producción: Es la parte en dónde definimos que tipo de fotos vamos a hacer, en dónde las vamos a hacer, que cosas vamos a necesitar para la producción, etc. Es importante que el fotografo tenga una idea clara de lo que quiere hacer. Generalmente se habla sobre la idea vía mail / teléfono y si prospera se continúa con una reunión en un bar céntrico como por ejemplo "La Opera" en Callao y Corrientes. La idea es conocernos personalmente y ganar confianza para llegar mejor al momento de hacer las fotos. Generalmente el fotógrafo lleva una notebook con fotografías suyas de referencia y yo llevo una memoria SD con mis fotografías de referencia. Es preferible que el fotógrafo también lleve a la persona de su confianza que vaya a encargarse del make-up. Pactamos si vamos a usar un estudio o un lugar en exteriores. Hacemos un listado con los ítems que se necesitan conseguir para la produccción, etc. Fijamos fecha y la hora ya sea para una segunda reunión o bien para hacer la sesión de fotos propiamente dicha.

Producción: Es la sesión de fotos en si. Por lo general dura entre cuatro y ocho horas dependiendo de lo que el fotografo quiera lograr. Es por eso que prefiero siempre los días Sabado ya que los días de semana es muy dificil para mí tomarme el día entero. La facultad y otras actividades limitan mucho los días y horarios que tengo para posar y hacer fotos a las apuradas es imposible. Prefiero siempre reservar un día entero y hacer la producción de fotos utilizando el tiempo que sea necesario. Es importante que el fotografo tenga en cuenta los "tiempos muertos" como por ejemplo el tiempo de maquillaje, los cambios de ropa, etc. A la sesión de fotos concurro siempre acompañada por una persona de mi confianza. Lo hago por un tema de seguridad y además porque siempre voy a necesitar ayuda con mis cosas. No tengo problemas en que durante la sesión el fotografo tenga también sus ayudantes (Iluminador, estilista, etc.) presenciando la sesión. Al finalizar la sesión de fotos pido un CD con todas las fotos originales (Preferimente en RAW+JPG) que hayamos hecho. De esa forma, al llegar a la reunión de post producción, tanto el fotografo como yo vamos a tener un idea bien clara de las fotos que hicimos.

Post-Producción: Es la reunión posterior a la sesión de fotos. Mi idea es siempre hacerla en un lapso de tiempo no mayor al de una semana. Vemos de nuevo todas las fotos que hicimos, elegimos juntos las que deseamos publicar primero. etc. Sobre los lugares en dónde publicar yo no tengo problemas. Lo único que no admito es que se publiquen en sitio pornográficos y soft porno. De las fotos que sean elegidas por ambos para ser publicadas, pido un CD con las mismas ya procesadas (Es decir... con el tratamiento de photoshop ya hecho por el fotógrafo o por su photoshopista). Es importante que el fotografo (O se photoshopista) sepa que las fotos tratadas deben poder enviarse a "revelar". Es decir que deben ser en formato 2x3, 300 dpi y poder imprimirse en papel fotográfico hasta en una medida de 15x23. Pido esto por si algún día las quiero usar de muestra en un book, catálogo o algo similar. Al publicar, ya sea en internet o en papel, pido que el fotógrafo aclare siempre quien es la modelo en tanto que yo voy a aclarar siempre quien es el fotografo.

♥ About My Cameras ♥

At the begining I start to shoot with a six Megapixels Samsung Digimax S600, except two of them wich were taken with my brother´s Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S650. Photography is just a hobby for me but I realize soon that the Samsung was not capable of capture all the tinny details I and other the users expects to see when they open an "Original file". For such and many other reasons I started to save money to buy a better camera and the reasult is the camera with I'm shooting today: The fabulous Nikon D90

I bought the Nikon D90 at the end of November 2008 and two months later I got the money to buy two SB-800 Speedlights. I'm now in the process of learning all the secrets of this semi-proffessional camera and the correct use of the two strobe lights I have. It's not easy to fulfill the expectations of all people who visit my stream because each one of them have their own prerrogatives about waht is "good lighthing" "good angle" "good posprocesing" "good taste" etc. But I will try to improbe as time goes by. I know I have a long way behind to reach the level want but I'm also sure I'm gonna enjoy the trip.

♥ About My Body ♥
A lot of people ask me about the exercises I do to keep my body in shape. The true is that I don´t do "exercises" because I do not go to any gym. In fact I never went to one in my entire life. What I do since I was a child is to practice swimming. It is something that fascinates me and I am going to doing this as long as I can. If I must go to the gym there would be very few exercices I could do because I can´t raise very much weight due to the operation I had in my back. Swimming on the other hand is a different thing. But the truth is that I don´t practice swimming for the aesthetics aspect but because I enjoy the sport a lot. Among the 9 and 13 years I competed! But then came the curvature of the spineback, the diagnosis, the operation, the recovery and finaly, towards the ends of my 16 years, I could return to the pools once again. It is obvious that I am never going to return to the amateur competition because I have even prohibited to throw myself to the water of head. But I can swim all the times I wants. Now I am going twice a week and in average I am two hours and a half in the water each time.

♥ About My Back ♥
The scar on my back is fruit of an "Scoliosis" operation. Scoliosis is the lateral diversion of the column, accompanied of a vertebral rotation. In simple words: is when a person's spine curves from side to side. Statistically it appears with more frequency in the women (Especially among the 10 and 13 years) and 1 of every 4 cases presents family precedents. In my particular case, Doctors operated me when I was 14 years old and it was a horrible experience. Due to the fact that there was an early detection I was submitted only to one operation, but the postoperatory was long and difficult for me. At that time I was a 14 year old teenager and was pretty hard to face a surgery like this. But... thanks God I was very lucky and the only thing I have as sequel is the scar you can see on my back.

♥ About Your Comments ♥

Please do leave comments if you like what you see, but keep them respectful when commenting on me. Feel free to say what you want to say about the photography (Light, composition, etc). But try to avoid the insulting phrases. We're here to have some fun by sharing photos and exchanging mails and opinions and not to denigrate and make feel the other users uncomfortable. I want to give a huge >>>THANK YOU<<< to the people who has wrote the lovely comments you can read below my pics. They inspire me to keep taking these kind of pics.

♥ About Your Mails ♥
Please be patient with me! I'm doing the best I can to answer everyone. It´s truly a work to enter to Flickr and have tons of mails asking for something in particular and telling me "Please respond as soon as possible". It´s a pleasure to read what you have to say, But do not get angry if I do not answer immediately your e-mail and don't be offended if I don't reply. Be sure that there is nothing personal, just quite alot to get through when they accumulate and I can't keep up. Be in mind also I speak Spanish as mother language and than English is only my secondary language.

♥ About my "Friend List" ♥

Thanks for your interest in be my friend. Be noticed that all my pics are available for all users, no matters if you're listed as a "contact" or as a "friend". I add a user to my friend list only if he/she/they show a sincere interest in my streem. If you look at my friend list you will note that all of them are people who wrote at least one message on my pics. My friends are on my "friend list" because I have with them somekind of common interest. But they actually see the same number and type of photographies that any other Flickr user can see. If you're are still interested in be my friend, be nice and leave some messages and/or opinions below my pics and I will add you to my friend list.

♥ About Favoriting My Photos ♥
There seems to be some people without photos in their account who are here just to collect other people works. If you are one of them, feel free to favorite my photos. But be in mind two things: 1-) Flickr is about share, not collect. So if you are going to enter in my Photostream to favorite several of my photos, please take a second to write at least a comment. At least you will share at least some words and opinions with the rest of the flickr´s members. 2-) Remember that I am a human being... so try to be polite when you write a messages in my pics.

♥ About Using My Pics in Your Blog ♥

Not all the photos you see on my stream belongs to me. Some of them were took by other photographers who are the real owners of such work. You have to understand this because they are very jelous about who and were use their photos so... before use a photos try to figure out first if the photo have copyrights. My photographs, I mean the ones I took by my self, are under a Creative Commons license. For more information on what your options are, please visit the Creative Commons website. Anyway... If you still want to use my pics in your blog, website, or forum... just drop me a mail and let me know at least where you think to upload them! My usual answer is "Yes, no problem!Go ahead!" I just will ask you to write clearly that the photos you´re using belongs to Claudette Psico. Pornographics and comercial "pay-per-view" websites are a different matter. I don't allow, under any circumstances, the use of my photos in this kind of websites. I'm a very open mind and peaceful person. I don't get angry easily because i always try to understan the other person point of view to resolve a problem or an issue. But, as I said before, they are my property. So please... don´t use them on pornographic website.

♥ About My Book ♥

A four color printing and a minimum order of one book? It's impossible I've say. But I get interested about the possibility. So I download the software and started to design the book using my own pics. The design process wasn't complicated at all. In fact it was pure fun. You don’t have to be a graphic designer, or know how to use complicated software tools, to put a book together for printing by Blurb. You download "Booksmart", their book template software for Mac or Windows (I used the last one) into which you load your digital images and arrange them in a choice of book sizes and page template variations. The software is well thought out and very easy to use for someone with no design experience like me. The book look fantastic, the printing and color are absolutely beautiful and look remarkably professional. It feature a durable matte finish that creates a rich tactile experience, adding the visual impact that you typically see with high-end art books (I'm talking about the "Hardcover, ImageWrap" version) . What they do is simply outstanding.

♥ More Info About Claudette ♥
Perfil de Facebook de Claudette Psico

♥ About My Country ♥

Argentina is a melting pot of different peoples, both autochthonous and immigrants. Citizens of European descent make up the great majority of the population, with estimates varying from white 86.4% to 97% of the total population. The last national census indicated that. Argentine culture has been primarily informed and influenced by its European roots. Buenos Aires, considered by many its cultural capital, is often said to be the most European city in South America, as a result both of the prevalence of people of European descent and of conscious imitation of European styles in architecture. Argentines are predominantly religious. Around 93% declare themselves Roman Catholic according to different surveys; the Church estimates an affiliation of 70%. The official language of Argentina is Spanish, usually called "Castellano" (Castilian) by Argentines. My Country has contributed many distinguished doctors, scientists, and inventors to the world. Five Argentines have won the Nobel Prize, including three Nobel Prize laureates in sciences (One for Chemistry and two for Medicine)

Well... I think it´s all. I hope you enjoyed my profile. Sorry for my English and... Kisses!

Claudette Psico

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    "Claudette 给人一种清新爽朗的感觉,一种令人向往陶醉的情绪"

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    curvetheory says:

    "Claudette is an exceptional talent on both sides of the lens. She commands your attention with her work. Would certainly be a pleasure to work with her if I were in Buenos Aries."

    January 2nd, 2009

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    numberless nerve says:

    "Nice collection of modeling and self portraiture. Love to have you in front of my lens some time at the studio ."

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    "Io amo con tutto il mio cuore questa intrepida biondina!"

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    "Such a beautiful woman with a wonderful stream of pictures! It is always a delight to view Claudette's photos!"

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    "Not only are her pictures beautiful, but absolutely one of the best examples of a profile page on Flickr. If only I had the patience to do such a great job. Keep up the fantastic photo's!"

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    Edgardo Delfino says:

    "hola claudette, muchas gracias por tu add
    tenes unas excelentes imagenes como modelo como fotografa tambien
    un beso grande

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    "She's pretty, sexy, funny, deep, thoughtful, and so damn imaginative! I love cruising through her pics, admiring how special outlook.

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    "claudettes' pictures are a delight, with her cobra like beauty you will never be bored, she is a dream

    la vida es un sueno con claudettepsico !"

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    "Claudette Psico has it all. Beauty; brains; imagination; initiative; technical skill; clear and eloquent command of English; ability to organize, plan, and execute -- this lady is a world-beater of the highest order. My congratulations to you, Claudette, for a fine flickr site. I wish you all the very best in all of life -- especially love."

    October 9th, 2008

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    Casercani says:

    "a Goddess on Flickr"

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Claudette Psico
October 2008
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am:
Female and Single
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