From Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, I am incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, goggles and dafins, having spent my life constantly in and around the ocean. Currently I am somewhere around the world, shooting photo and video content for Check it out!


If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing prints, setting up a shoot, or acquiring rights to use my photos, please contact me via email: hisarahlee [at] Do not use any my images without my written permission.



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  • SmugMug Films Artist Profile by SARAΗ LEE
  • Surf-and-Shoot by aloha_bigmike
  • file000876 by alexfringsphoto
  • _LX_8462 by alexfringsphoto
  • FFF: wet n' wild edition by Invisible Cirkus
  • wtf by SARAΗ LEE
  • home by SARAΗ LEE
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  • CFYE exposition @ Canvas, Amsterdam by

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    screamphoenixe says:

    "amazing photographer as well as videographer"

    13th September, 2008

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    News Flasher says:

    "Show me a thousand pictures and I'll easily pick out the ones that Sarah has taken. She breaks all the rules, and we are richer for it. Sarah imagines, and then makes real, all the great concepts that we traditionalists are afraid to try. "OK," she says, "For this next shot I want you to swim around in a dress --- with this guitar." Or an umbrella. Oversaturated, monochromatic, upside-down, exuberant, soul-baring or wrapped in caution tape -- that is the essence of Sarah's photography."

    21st February, 2009

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    Paula Marina says:

    "Sarah Lee is great taking shots and making movies. I always loved her shots and now I´m learning to love her videos. Keep going, Girl, you are very talented !"

    13th June, 2008

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    madcrow_maxwell says:

    "I don't know quite how she got so good, but Miss Lee is truly one of the greatest photographers I've come across on Flickr. Landscapes, portraits, macro shots and more: she rules them all."

    21st May, 2007

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    Ki'i O' Kapa says:

    "This is a very talented imaginative young girl who could easily have a very lucrative career in media. I enjoy tremendously her vision in her photography. You GO girl!"

    14th May, 2007

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    tubularsky says:

    "Your photography is like the spaceship that landed earth about two hundred years ago which caused a great depression among the teenagers of Kealakehe high school. This epidemic was shortly ended when a man by the name of Henry Wilson the third decided to create a new substance named the "i-pod". Now this new substance was not an easy one to make. It required time, money, and lots of whores. In getting all of these valuably materials, Henry searched high and low. He checked all of the girls bathrooms for time, all of the basketball courts for money, and all of the refrigerators for money. When all succeeded Henry walked out of elephant man happy. Thank you for letting me view your fabulous work of art. Marvelous, just marvelous."

    18th September, 2006

Sarah Lee
January 2005
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Byron Bay, Australia
I am:
vivantvie [at]