A busy stay at home mum, used to be a photographer, now I just take snaps of my gorgeous boy. Have had my wild rock n roll days and am now perfectly happy staying in and cosying up with hubby and making our lives comfortable.

Interests? Knitting, my garden and allotment, being green, being healthy, eating well. Everything Japanese - anime, manga, music, food, cosplaying etc etc. Currently attempting to make a home-made tea garden (for growing herbal or otherwise teas, that is).

I was born in Bristol, holidayed / visited family in North Devon, live in Medway, and have a family holiday home in Hemsby in Norfolk.

My son is six and is loopy but lovely. Doesn't tend to give me much free time to knit or garden, but he'll only be young once so I'm trying to forgive him.

To see my best stuff in a good way go HERE - and I hope you enjoy it!

I'm a bit of a grumpy old lady and am quite traditional in my photography - I don't much like frames around pictures, drop shadows, weird effects, speckly textures, vignettes, sprockets, anything too 'mucked about with'. I'm also not a fan of hdr unless it's really subtle. What I do like is unashamededly classic good stuff - nice lighting, nice focus, nice composition, interesting angles, close-ups of everyday items, etc etc. Please don't be offended by my views - feel free to dismiss me as being far too old fashioned and stuck in my ways to get what you're trying to do with your art :) My photos tend to be 'as is' and all I do in post processing is maybe adjust contrast and saturation if the day needed a bit more punch. I'm also crap generally with lighting and much prefer using natural light when possible. Obviously I welcome any and all critiques and comments, negative or positive, as it'll all help me become a better photographer.

My camera is currently broken and is in the shop so I'm catching up on a bunch of last years shots I never got round to uploading but as things are a bit chaotic at the mo I don't always have a great deal of time to comment, so if I fave & run too much for your liking I do apologise!

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  • Me, on a sunny Christmas morning by Claire Fun
  • My pretty yukata by Claire Fun
  • self portrait by Claire Fun
  • Engagement party by Claire Fun
  • S'me and Nick Frost! Again! by Claire Fun
  • Bsn by Claire Fun
  • *pose* by Claire Fun
  • paul mcgann and I by Claire Fun
  • Lady in Japanese cosume    Claire Fun by BRG2

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    ReedPipes says:

    "I really like your nature shots. =D Thanks for the add. Did you go to MCM expo too? It was so fun! =D"

    October 23rd, 2007

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    Plurp says:

    "She took a series of self-portraits with her new camera, and was puzzled when they turned out to be a woman she had never seen before."

    March 2nd, 2006

September 2005
Gillingham Kent, UK
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