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Welcome to my public gallery of CKMETROPhotos.com.au, thanks for stopping by. I am a freelance photographer and I live in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia and my name is Darren, I am married and have a very new baby daughter along with a (Crazy Boxer) which keeps my wife and I busy :)

I would say that I specialise in modern portraits, babies, maternity, adults and family. the images presented here are simply a selection of images. If you are not one of my contacts you will not see all images in my portfolio.

Should you wish to use any of the images here on my site for your own use, magazine or articles, please do not hesitate to contact me via email "darren @ ckmetrophotos.com.au". Please Understand that these images are all copyright to me and are my own original creations. So please ask before taking.

Thank you to the many loyal Flickr friends that have assisted me in my pursuit of perfection, your support and comments keep my aiming higher to achieve perfection. I am always on the lookout for Models both male / female / babies etc, to practice my passion please contact me if you are interested.

Thanks again for stopping by.


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www.ckmetrophotos.com.au | darren @ ckmetrophotos.com.au

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    Celestial Photography says:

    "REALLY Great person... and photographer. CK Metro is the whole package. I thoroughly enjoy browsing this stream. There are some people who shape the community here on flickr and Darren is one of them!"

    November 30th, 2008

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    SemiCharmedLife (☯) says:

    "This is my first testimonial and I have been moved to writing it to acknowledge the talent and support I find in Darren. I really started getting active on Flickr this past year and as I began to interact with the community, Darren was one of the photographer/artists that I came across. His portraits and work are amazing. They are from someone who is truly a master and that is evident in the meticulous detail, framing, lighting and choice of subject matter. To me it’s classic photography and craftsmanship (really art). His work runs the spectrum from natural candids to studio work, glamour photography, pop culture illuminations, and more formal editorial work. All of it is remarkable.

    On top of that, Darren is incredibly supportive of those just starting to learn the art of photography. He consistently takes the time to view the works of others (I am a beneficiary) and is always there with kind support and comments. I truly appreciate both his great talent and what can only be intuited as someone with an unassuming and down to earth personality and outlook on life. Thank You Darren."

    July 20th, 2008

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    pd15b says:

    "I'll keep it simple. Darren has talent."

    June 23rd, 2008

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    LOREN JARVIS says:


    Well I told you I was going to write you a testimonial... and here it is ! Don't worry, I'm not hanging it on you !

    THANKYOU for your inspirational images - you work is truly beautiful and it's always exciting to see what you'll do next.

    THANKYOU for the time you've spent helping me with my photography and putting up with all those painful questions I'm continually asking you.

    THANKYOU for your constructive criticism on my flickr images - I really appreciate it :) I always want you to be honest, so I learn and can improve.

    THANKYOU with all my heart, because If it weren't for you, your kind nature and wonderful patience, I would have given my camera away a long time ago.

    THANKS for being a great mate ! & cheers to that gorgeous wife of yours too for letting me tag along to her shoots !"

    June 3rd, 2008

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    Bas Bleu says:

    "Darren is an artist. He captures such beauty in his photography; he pushes his work in new directions, and he inspires and guides others as he's growing. I look forward to his comments, suggestions, and critiques and I hope I manage to give him even just a little of what he gives to me... he bolsters my confidence, fans my creativity, and challenges my notions. And I am so appreciative. Thank you! :)"

    March 11th, 2008

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    VickerMonkee says:

    "What an amazing creative eye this man has. From incredible portraits to his visions of the world around him, they are all a pleasure to view. He’s always friendly and free with encouraging words, and I'm happy to call him a friend.

    Thank you, Darren, for allowing us a glimpse into your world and your wonderful talent."

    March 11th, 2008

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    Dag4 says:

    "Darren is such a great guy and skilled photographer! Prior to writing this I had a run through his entire photostream, and three things struck me: The high quality, the variety and the seemingly endless supply of photogenic and beautiful models! Darren photographs children, landscapes and gorgeous blondes with equal style, creativity and grace. He always gives kind and supportive comments as well as responding nicely to the feedback he gets. He is eager to evolve his already impressive skills, and you just know there's gonna be plenty more awesome images coming from him. Cheers, mate, and keep up the good work!"

    March 7th, 2008

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    crowt59 says:

    "ckmetrophotos and I joined flickr about the same time although a half a world apart. I saw his photography early on with his "photo shoots" of models. Darren has a wide variety of work from his early rustic shots to his beautiful Aussie Blonde photos to his signature B&W and subdued color mixes, and his latest Rock Star set.
    Some of my favorite attributes of ckmetrophotos are his perspective, lighting, color control, lighting, and lighting.
    I never know what Darren will put up next as you can tell from his stream, but I wait to see it because his work makes me think, how did he do that. I can say that some of my work processing has came about due to ckmetrophotos and his work.
    If you haven't checked out his stream, spend some time. See the deep blue skies, deep color flowers, unique perspectives.

    In appreciation for the growing talent of ckmetrophotos, I'm grateful."

    January 18th, 2008

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    *dreamingtree* says:

    "what can i say about darren that you can't see for yourself? he's innovative, creative, generous with his knowledge and all around good bloke....this stream demands you make a cup of tea, eat a biscuit and pay attention!"

    January 8th, 2008

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    hbierau says:

    "Darren has been one of my (if not THE) first Flickr friends, and it seems we also started around the same time to upload our photos. Ever since, he has been a faithful fellow who keeps coming back to comment, thus, I felt that a testimonial was due.

    Darren's description of himself in his profile is clearly an understatement of his own skills. It is obvious from his photostream, although he describes himself as a "student" of photography, that he is mastering the techniques already very well. I particularly like the breadth and richness of subjects that he is able to express so well, be it B/W, portraits, landscapes, or whatever. To cut a long story short: keep up the good work, mate!"

    November 24th, 2007

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    Theoda says:

    "What can I say about Darren? He is both open to share his knowledge and curious to learn, his photography (especially his portraits) are fresh and creative, he is generous of spirit and I'm pleased to be able to call him my Flickr friend. Cheers, mate!"

    October 11th, 2007

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    flightless bird says:

    "amazing photos, amazing talent. your stream has been unbelievably inspiring for me from the first day i saw it. thank you so much for sharing your art, we're all lucky to watch."

    August 7th, 2007

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Toowoomba, Australia
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