I love photography, travelling and blogging.

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    nogoodreason says:

    "Ode to a Nathan.

    I would underline that heading
    'twould be uber-rad
    but the thing at the bottom
    says HTML is bad.
    So instead I'll reminisce
    as - unlike a fish
    I remember things.

    I first met this lad when the castle was a safe place to be
    A fellow called Jack mistook him for me
    (well actually it was the other way around but that doesn't rhyme)
    We both had long locks
    and often wore frocks
    in that warm '02 summer air.
    Then '03 came round and to my delight I found
    I could hide away in pubs, and learnt a dislike of clubs
    Then some stuff happened involving trampolines and vodka, and shortly after Nathan's hair fell off
    (he briefly resembled Jack White
    which gave us all a fright)
    and he was chased by horses
    and lost a HIM ticket
    and under a photo of him in Central Park
    a comment says "don't lick it"

    We discovered Morrissey
    we danced to Marr
    Sera appeared and we all jumped in a car
    which reminded me of MTA, a beautiful chapter in our lives
    Spandau Ballet and the Queens Vaults jukebox deserve a mention, but Spyke does not so I won't mention him.

    Can't remember much about '04, but Wilfreda Beehive rings a bell."

    February 23rd, 2005

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    Branille says:

    "Nathan is such a creative being. It shows in his websites, his writing, and especially in his photography. He can draw you in to even the most mundane subjects in a whole new light."

    February 24th, 2005

Nathan Collins
September 2004
Cardiff, WALES
I am: