I'm just your average josephine still trying to find herself and here's just another place to do that through illustrations and photos. I'm no expert at either, creating anything makes my life just a little bit more fun.

Other things I tend to be known for: both illustrating & writing my heart out, laughing until it hurts, constantly wondering what could have been (sometimes what should have been), romanticizing moments not meant to be romanticized, taking photos of anything and everything and driving my friends crazy because of it, making up the most inappropriate innuendos during the most inappropriate moments, exploring new places & new people, and always having the tendency to act on heart over mind.

And things that I'm a sucker for: seeing people happy!, the underdog, books and more books, when opposites attract, ridiculously random things, the intellectually stimulating, poetically-speaking, not so typical romantic gestures, the potential for so much more, great conversations about absolutely nothing!, museums of all kinds, stress-free relationships, memories worth telling (but will never be told), guys with a heart of gold, concerts in the park, art or something like it .

(cin)quante-deux. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

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November 2007
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