The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, known as CIMMYT, is an international non-profit research and training center.


CIMMYT leads the world in applied research in maize, wheat, and associated cropping systems, and heads a network of partnerships to serve the poor in developing countries. The Center applies science and partnerships to create, share, and use knowledge and technologies that increase food security, improve the productivity and profitability of maize- and wheat-based farming systems, and sustain natural resources.


CIMMYT is based in Mexico, with offices and partners throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. For more about CIMMYT‘s work, please visit


CIMMYT is a member of the CGIAR System Organization.


All CIMMYT images on Flickr, and their captions, are made available under a Creative Commons license. We use an Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license, which means that you may use, share and adapt our photos, provided that you attribute them in the way we ask, that you do not use them for commercial purposes, and that any new work involving the image is distributed under the same license.


We request that you attribute the images as follows:



Photo credit: CIMMYT.


For online use:

Photo credit: CIMMYT.


If a specific photographer is given, example:

Photo credit: J. Smith/CIMMYT.


Where embedding a flickr image directly, please also link through to the photo page.


For more about Creative Commons, visit Further information on the Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license may be found at


To download a CIMMYT image, right click on the photo, click on “Original” for the highest resolution, and then click on “Download the Original size of this photo” above the image to download it. Alternatively, you can click on “Actions” above the photo, then “View all sizes”, “Original”, and “Download the Original size of this photo”.


When you download or use CIMMYT’s images, please notify CIMMYT by email at, and send links to or copies of any materials produced. Thank you.

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