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I'm Italian, I was born in 1945 in Genoa, where I lived until few years ago. Since 2010 I live in Testana, a village few kilometers from Genoa in the municipality of Avegno. However, I always consider a Genoese.

I'm from a long-time a fan of photography. Activities practiced with care and perseverance in the years from 1963 to 1973. Member of the "Gruppo Fotografico Genovese" founded by Giuseppe Goffis, at the time one of the best-known Italian amateurs, in those years I have participated in various amateur photo contests in Italy and foreign countries obtaining several awards.

You can see some of my works of these years in the following sets:
old works
musik from darkness
an old rugby match

Rugby - 8

Music from darkness # 13 Pontedecimo - Giovi Chair lift

From 1974 to 2005 I practiced amateur activity in "passive" mode due to work commitments as industrial manager. During this period of great business the hobby for photography was practiced exclusively during the holidays and some travel. However, the passion is never stifled and by 2005, the year of my retirement , I resumed practicing this hobby with great enthusiasm and care considering that photography could be an expression of art and not just a technical process.

In the early years the reportage was the area for me. All images were in black and white to the realization of what I have done in autonomy developing and printing with my own darkroom.

Since 2003 I switched to digital and use the normal electronic systems for processing images.

I love the colours and I have no nostalgia for black-and-white, today I consider it a manipulation. I used the black and white when color was technically unacceptable.

By the end of 2005 I am present with my personal pages on Flickr site under the pseudonym "cienne45".

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

Some statistics from the site: (updated to September 12, 2018) published photos nr. 10.580, collections nr. 300 views nr. 8,4 millions, Explore nr. 433

I work occasionally with “Meridiani Montagne” Magazine. A collection of my images on the cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa is present on the site dedicated to Fabrizio de André "Creza de ma – Fabrizio De André, Genova e altre storie”

You can see my most interesting photo's on flickr: -------> FLICKR click here

You can see my web site as Nikon Photographer Advanced: -------> NPA click here


Meet the author appeared in May 2008 in the journal "Digital PHOTOArts" entitled
"Carlo Natale - The Magic of Color."

1) How and when did you meet with the art of photography?
Back in 1967 attending the "Gruppo Fotografico Genovese" founded by Giuseppe Goffis, at the time one of the most famous Italian amateur photographers.

2) How does the photograph is part of your daily life and what is the time for the dedication?
Since I retired photography is somehow present in my daily life. I am present with personal pages on the international photo site "Flickr" with the account "cienne45." This activity engages me much since I maintain direct contacts with a hundred friends, I respond to the many comments to my photos, I participate in many groups within the site. A considerable effort which absorbs about three hours a day but that gives a lot of satisfaction. Then there is the time for the "capture". It is sometimes outputs aimed at a specific type of recovery or "free". So my day goes by in the name of photography!

3) "Taking pictures" is a hobby, a passion, a job, or something else?
For me it is a hobby practiced with passion but also a way to get closer to nature, to art to culture ... the people.

4) "The first shot" you never forget, you remember the first time as photographer?
Certainly. I remember it was during a hike in the mountains at the age of 17 years. That day I used for the first time the camera of my father. A Kodak Retina of the 1937/40. I continued to use it for the next five years until the purchase of my first SLR. Then I had to work hard on the technical as Retina did not have the rangefinder, no exposure meter and even contact-sync flash. It weighed 480 grams, had the bellows and then the size was reduced. In the time I did include the contact-flash and my father, a talented mechanic, added the sled for the flash and a system for photographing at close-up. I still have this machine working perfectly!

DSC_0384 DSC_0386

5) Is there a job in which you feel particularly fond of?
Yes. This is a reportage about a talented accordion player blind that all days of the year played classical music with outstanding craftsmanship under the arcades of Via Dante in Genoa in the sixties. I feel tied to it because in that work is the key to understanding my passion for photography as a means of communication between the author and others. Then there is an emotional bond I would say it is the first work that has had some recognition in the academic field-amateur era. Title of the story "Music from the darkness". It is visible on Flickr in the specific set "Music from darkness"

6) Is there a photographer or an artist that inspires?
Not specifically. At a young age definitely Henry Cartier Bresson, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Giacomelli. Then, not having all the nostalgia of black and white, indeed quite the opposite, I would say that they are a memory. I am fascinated by the painter Ottone Rosai think that still influences my work in the field of nature and landscape.

7) What is the factor, both artistically and technically, shared his photos?
Should be others to say. I try to put rigor in both aspects without ever favoring the latter at the expense of the former. I use much the technique in the second stage of the realization of my images but always to achieve the artistic effect that is at the origin of them.

8) Some adjective to describe her photographs ...
I draw from the comments on Flickr: harmonious, bright, lively, poetic

9) What techniques do you use most to treat your photo /and to carry out the shots?
Since 2005 I work exclusively in digital. This allows me to possess exclusively the whole process needed to achieve the final image. I memorize the shooting in "raw", I elaborate the raw image ultimately using "Capture" and "Corel Paint Pro". Digital technology allows to live the emotions of recovery during the drafting process just like in the days of the darkroom.

10) What is the stimulus that urges people to photograph and what are your favorite subjects?
The taste for beauty, a sense of harmony, aesthetics lights and shadows are the major stimuli that lead me to create images. I find these elements in nature mainly in sculpture and architecture in certain events of everyday life. Of course, nature is the element from which I draw a large extent. From the great outdoors to the world of the small, it is an inexhaustible source of situations able to generate strong emotions.

11) What tell of you your photo? And what do you want to convey to others?
From the comments to my photos that I receive from fans around the world is underlined some ability to convey the same emotions between the author and those who observe the image. This makes me happy and honored at the same time. When this happens it means that I have centered the purpose for which I made a certain image. Other comments appellants refer to the ability to "tell" the places where I live. My city (Genoa), the region (Liguria) my mountains (Alps and Apennines). Our country really like to foreigners. I try, with a hint of pride I admit, to show off these our beautiful places.

12) What does it mean for you to take a good photo?
When my image is defined by other "nice" means that I have reached the goal that I set myself.

13) dreams, desires, ambitions as photographer ...
For my nature to dream a little !.
I'd like to publish some of my work in photography books as well as expose some personal or collective show my images.

14) Colors, shapes and proportions. What are the essential elements of your photos? There is a personal and distinctive touch that you give to all your works?
I love the color. The man sees in color not in black and white! Life without colors is sad ... like the dark. The colors are so for me the bearer of an image. I do not have any nostalgia for the black and white that I have used and treated for many years when the color was technically unsatisfactory and it was impossible to do otherwise. In addition to the shapes and proportions consider indispensable a definition that is always the maximum possible. In all my work I apply the concept of the maximum "clean" both from the technical point of view (noise, bad points, dust etc) and the aesthetic point of view (absence of objects/subjects unrelated to the concept) until 'physical elimination if no possible otherwise.

15) A word to define itself ...


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    allegra_ says:

    "Quello che fa la differenza tra un fotografo qualsiasi ed uno di successo è l`anima che esprime emozione...Di fatto vedere il mondo attraverso la camera richiede sensibilità artistica, il gusto per il bello, senso d`armonia,saper giocare con la luce e l`ombra, vibrare con il colore...Tutto questo è espresso con maestria nelle composizioni di Carlo Natale; spesso quando osservo i suoi quadri mi
    sento in sintonia con il suo universo, mi inebrio con i suoi riflessi, viaggio in luoghi misteriosi, dentro i quali vivo forti emozioni, solo cliccando la sua pagina. È una grande gioia averlo conosciuto in Flickr e costatare come è possibile comunicare profondamente attraverso il linguaggio della fotografia.
    "Grazie, Carlo per essermi amico!

    What makes the difference between a standard photographer and a successful one is a soul that expresses emotion. Seeing the world through the camera lens requires artistic sensibility, a taste for beauty, a sense of harmony, knowing how to play with light and shadow, make colors come alive. All of this is expressed in Carlo Natale's compositions. When I look at his pictures I feel in touch with his universe, I am thrilled by his reflexes, I travel through mysterious places in which I live strong emotions, when I click on his page. It is a great joy to have found him in Flickr and to know how one can communicate through the language of photography. Thank you Carlo, for being my friend!"

    January 22nd, 2008

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    Southernpixel - Alby Headrick says:

    "Carlo Natale is one of my favorite Photographers on Flickr ! His
    "Reflection of light" set is wonderful . He is chronicling Italy as it is and how the past is today ! I do not check his stream everyday. But I am sure to go his wonderful Photography when I need a break. When I need to go away on a little mental vacation. Thank you Carlo you have Brighten my life, with your Excellent Photography and your kind and generous comments to my flickring. Is not Flickr so great that I can meet a friend on the other side the planet, with the common goal of bring JOY to all !"

    February 26th, 2007

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    Naylé says:

    "Carlo, hai delle foto stupende come ti hanno detto prima vedere queste foto si capice come è fatta la persona.. Bravo..Complimenti!"

    April 10th, 2006

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    Stephen P. Johnson says:

    "While I have never met Carlo, I feel I know his spirit through the wonderful images that he captures of his native Liguria. He is able to show the delicacies of nature and the power of industry beautifully. Thanks for sharing!"

    February 16th, 2006

Carlo Natale
September 2005
Testana Avegno (Genoa), Italy
I am:
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