Christopher Mark Perez is a retired software engineering program manager, specializing in uncovering the most interesting experiences life can offer while living with his lovely wife, Judith, in Paris, France. When seeking relief from the long and arduous task of retirement, this American ex-patriot haunts the edges of ancient philosophies, rich cultures, and fascinating societies to express and share images as art by avidly pursuing photography. He occasionally stands-in as a photo-educator at a local Anglophone society, too. Spicy, flavored and strongly favored image making themes include thickly textured, darkly rich Noir Victorian Gothic, Dark Romanticism, Rococco and Steampunk, Tribal Fusion Bellydance subjects.


Christopher's work has been shown in numerous galleries, as well as being published in several magazines, including Lenswork Magazine "Seeing in Sixes" (2016), Lenswork Extended #110 March/April 2014, SilverShotz (January 2011), Photolife magazine, and LensWork Extended #78 and has been included in the Gimp Magazine #4, June 2013 (cover shot, interview, and tutorials), the Gimp Magazine #5 (Master Class).


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  • JoinedNovember 2005
  • OccupationRetired Software Engineering Manager
  • Current cityParis
  • CountryFrance
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you have a great photostream. nice to know you :)

March 17, 2009