Some of my images are licensed under Creative Commons. If any of these images (or any others for that matter) are used in any manner I would appreciate being informed of their intended use as a courtesy prior to publication in any medium. Sharing is great so please be sure to share your intentions as a reciprocal gesture. If the photo falls in the forest I would like to see it fall.

The recent controversy over Virgin Mobile using Flickr images without bothering to inform the photographers seems wrong. Why didn't Virgin inform the photographers as a courtesy? One of the reasons for using Creative Commons is to forgo income in exchange for recognition. But if there is no informed recognition then it sort of undermines the desire to use Creative Commons.

Here's the Virgin Mobile discussion:

My attribution rules:

1. Use of photo must include a link to my website:
2. Use of photo must include the caption:
"Photograph by Christopher Peterson"
3. Use of photo must include informing me of your use of the photo
4. Use of the photo must be placed in writing and emailed to me detailing your exact use of the photo.

For images that appear in Wikipedia:

Attribution Rules under Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

1. Either the caption "Photograph by Christopher Peterson." and a link to the website must appear below the image, or, if the image is used in an online medium, the image itself may be a hyperlink to a separate page providing this information.

2. As a courtesy, I would appreciate being informed of any use of my photos in any medium for any purposes.

Be kind, Inform the photographer.

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