UPDATED: January 30, 2012


Hi again everyone! Wow, it has been nearly a year since I updated my profile page... but hopefully, you have all seen that I've uploaded a lot of new photos (including more shibari Japanese bondage and even a cosplay photoshoot) this past few months! Christine's journey through life continues to surprise and amaze me... and I have you to thank... all my friends, supporters, and admirers... you have given me a lot of strength and inspiration through your kind comments and warm messages. I really do read each and every word and appreciate them so much. Thank you.


Christine (●´∀`)ノ♡




UPDATED: March 13, 2011


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your messages of concerns for me and Japan! I'm so lucky for all of your support! I'm very happy that all of my family and friends in Japan are safe. The buildings were really shaking here in Sapporo, but nobody was injured. We are lucky to be away from the coastline that was destroyed by the tsunami and are praying for all those people who were at the center of all the devastation...


Please take care of yourself ok! Talk to you again soon!


Lots of love,





UPDATED: January 15, 2010


Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a really nice holiday season! Thanks for all the kind messages and comments you have sent me recently... I've been so super busy with my work and a couple of months ago, my laptop computer broke because well... I dropped my 3-kg (over 6-pounds) Playstation joystick and it smashed onto the screen! I know... it sounds so ridiculous and I was so shocked I did something so stupid! I can laugh at it now (you can laugh with me too), but at the time, I was so angry with myself. I got a new computer now and just getting back to Christine's virtual life, so I'm really sorry if I haven't gotten back to you for such a long time...




UPDATED: October 21, 2010


I have added a bunch of new photos on my Photostream! And now my 4th and 5th videos are on Youtube too! I hope you enjoy watching them! :)




May you find happiness in all that you do!



Christine_3830 (*^_^*)♫




UPDATED: July 9, 2010


My 3rd video of me wearing my black micro mini dress and stilettos going out! I hope you enjoy watching it! :)




May you find happiness in all that you do!



Christine_3830 (*^_^*)♫




UPDATED: April 19, 2010


Wow... it's been over 1 year now and a lot of things have changed! Life is so full of surprises, some good, and some bad, but overall, I am happy with it and wish that you can find those little things that make you happy too...


Also, as you can see from my pictures... I've finally added some new ones, which are all in HQ 752x500 (big size) format... and... I've finally fulfilled one of my dreams here in Japan... to experience being dressed up and tied Japanese shibari (bondage) style... Because the photos are for mature viewers only, you must be over 18 and sign in to your Flickr account before clicking on the link below...



Also, I just finished my second PV (Promotional Video) from a collection of short videos that I've taken this past year... I hope you like it! (^_^)




May you find happiness in all that you do!



Christine_3830 (*^_^*)♫




February 15, 2009


Hi everyone! Nice to meet you! And welcome to my Flickr page. (^_^)/


I am a M2F crossdresser (transgender) originally from Canada living in Japan~ and am hoping to meet like-minded people, new friends, and supporters of our community. I'm over 18 years old, 5'11 (180cm) 126lbs (57kg) and am not on any kind of hormones or had any surgery.


I've been a big fan of Flickr and finally finally finally... I tried my best to put some of my photos on here and share with you! I hope you like them... but please don't steal them and pretend to be me... that would be so disheartening to find out someone hiding behind their keyboard is using my face as their own. My only homes on the web are here on Flickr and on Youtube (link down below)... so if anyone sees my photos anywhere else, please let me know. TY! :)



If you're under 18 (to appease the Youtube/Flickr overlords) ...

If you're a hater, a sock puppet, or just a plain mean person...

If you're not open-minded and easily offended about gender issues...

Please click here now: Take me to the kittens!


If you're not one of those people above, then please read on! :)


I've been a closet crossdresser for many years, just trying things like gymnastics and swimsuit wear, to ballet pointe shoes, to lingerie and corsets, to prom gowns... My favorite clothes though, are anything Japanese... like seifuku (Japanese schoolgirl uniform), yukata (summer kimono), and maid costumes.


This was all in the security of my bedroom for a long time... and I've always had trouble identifying myself as either male or female... I've tried the whole purging thing (throwing away all my girl's clothes) several times, but the urge just keeps coming back... just as it happens to 99% of us...


So today, I embrace it as part of myself now and actually admitted it to one female friend that I really trust. She is very supportive and I appreciate her dearly as a true friend for that. With my growing confidence, I've been dressing up and venturing outside more and more.


To be honest... nobody really notices since everybody has their minds on their own things. I actually went to a very crowded park once, wearing a pink pleated mini skirt and black knee high socks... and a group of teenage boys sat on the park bench next to where I was sitting! I thought I was going to get an earful of laughter and I wanted to magically disappear... but they just chatted away about their latest video game and paid no attention to me.


Recently, I've been practicing as much as I can with my make-up, learning how to hold the camera and pose at the same time better, and trying to walk more smoothly in high heels (although it is very very difficult on the ice and snow!) And... because I am in Japan, there's still one dream I haven't tried yet: shibari (Japanese suspension bondage)... but that's another story lol~ Aiya! :D


Anyway, I really hope that you like my photos! You may have to Sign-in to Flickr and set your SafeSearch to "Off" to see some of my photos.


I will try to upload some more as time permits... Thank you so super much in advance for any nice comments! I would love to read them and if I don't reply to your messages and requests, please forgive me... I am not ignoring you ok! :) I just don't have enough time to respond to everybody.


May you find happiness in all that you do!



//waves to all my Flickr and Youtube friends and fans//


Christine_3830 (*^_^*)♫


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Hi Christine! Thank you very much for your add, and I'm glad to be a friend of yours! Hi there, for people who visited here! Christine is ... charming, beautiful, cute, heart warming, stunning, and, ... much much more than I can imagine! someday, i hope i can meet her, soon : )

February 28, 2009