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Chris Mudhead Reynolds was born in Torrence Califoria in 1978. He started drawing at a young age and went on to study at the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been exhibited internationally, is in the permanent collection at NY MOMA, Brazil, England, most recently in Lithuania, and once aboard a space shuttle flight. His work incorporates, conceptual themes, archetypes from all cultures, sacred geometry, fractals, mandalas, and visions. He works in many genres including, performance, mail art, installation, visionary art, and painting. He was indoctrinated as a member of Fluxus in April 2011, and has shown along side such artists as Yoko Ono. He is best known for his colorful, bold style Mudhead paintings. He lives and works, in New Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Dada Centennial Ontological Museum
2015 Group Show with Alyys Moinet Miami Artworks Miami AZ
2014 Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis MN
2014 Re:Imagining Staten Island, Deep Tanks Gallery, Staten Island, NY
2014 Fluxbox Exhibit, Joan Flasch Artistbook Library Art Institute, Chicago, IL
2014 "Zalop", Eyedrum Art Gallery, Atlanta GA
2014 Stuckist Art Exhibit, Trunkspace, PHX AZ
2014 "I am John Knotts", Trunkspace, PHX, AZ
2013 Trippy Hippy Café, Payson AZ
2013 Dimi Espresso, Payson, AZ
2013 (Took a sabbatical)
2013 Oranges Piece performed by Reed Altemus at The Chailey Manor, Newburyport Massachusetts
2012 ETG, Staten Island, New York
2012 Westbeth, New York, New York
2012 Emotion Show, Shanghai, China
2012 Dew Point, Deep Tanks Gallery, Staten Island, New York
2012 The Coloring Book Show, Eve n' Odd Gallery, St. Petersburg, Florida
2012 First Friday Night Live, Pie Factory, PHX, AZ
2012 Infinite Monkeys. Trunkspace, PHX, AZ
2012 Miami Loco Art Walk, Miami, AZ
2012 Solo show, Trunkspace, PHX, AZ
2012 The Ontological Museum, Pagosa Springs, CO
2011 Curator Ann Marten's House LA, CA
2011 Fluxus Festival, Kuanas, Lithuania
2011 Spiral Bound, National University, Mesa Campus, California
2011 Mail Art Showcase, Eve n' Odd Gallery, Florida
2011 A Book About Death/Happening Willo North Gallery PHX AZ
2011 Performed "Milk Piece" at ETG Book Cafe, NY, NY
2011 Performed "Lie Down Piece" at Show Gallery, NY, NY
2011 Performed "Apathy Piece" by Rebecca Cunningham at Show Gallery, NY, NY
2011 Curated "Imagine Blue Squirrels" at the Miami Artworks, Miami, AZ
2011 My score "Through Someone Else's Eyes" was performed at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago by Keith Buchholz
2010 Copper Mine Picture Cafe, "Who's the Audience?" Performance, Miami, AZ
2010 Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Toy Art International Exhibition,Sao Paulo, Brazil
2010 SAL Art Gallery, A Book about Death, Brookville, NY
2010 Flux Face in Space ,(Space)
2010 Kennedy Space Center, "Flux Us Now" Performance, , FL
2010 Art Pool Gallery, Ur toy story, St. Pete, FL
2010 Modern Realism, What's in a Place?, SF,CA
2010 FluxusMuseum, Fluxhibition #4
2010 FluxusMuseum, Fluxhibition #3
2010 NY MOMA, "Book About Death" Permanent Collection
2009 Emily Harvey Foundation, A Book About Death, NY NY
2009 FluxMuseum, Little Boxes, ForthWorth Texas
2009 Fireside Café, “Blueberry Surprise”, Payson, AZ
2009 Modesto Art Museum, “International Surrealism Festival” Modesto, CA
2009 25poons Coffee Shop, “Let’s Shake Hands On It”, San Diego, CA
2008 TrunkSpace Gallery "Facing Death", Phoenix, AZ
2008 TrunkSpace Gallery Installation, Phoenix, AZ
2008 Waygood Gallery & Studios "Slow TV", Newcastle, England
2007 Knot So Famous Gallery, Eastport, Maine
2007 House of the Future "Urban Pulse Show" Solana Beach, CA
2007 Paper Heart Art Venue, Phoenix, AZ
2007 Muddy Waters, Santa Barbara, Ca
2007 Down the Street Art Gallery, Payson, AZ
2007 Hill Street Coffee Shop and Gallery, San Diego, CA
2006 M3 Coffee Shop and Art Space, San Diego, CA
2005 The Muse, San Diego, CA


Winner of Juried Exhibition for Scholarship to San Francisco Art Institute
Synergy Art Foundation

Selected Performances

2011 Banana Phone for Fluxfest NY, on the Staten Island Ferry
2011 "Chair Peace" guerrila performed at LACMA
2006 Lived as a Shoe Shine in Downtown San Diego till eventually painting Clown Kachinas (Representing Greed by Begging) with shoe polish around the city. Then I surrendered my occupation by signing my Shoe Shine Box and delivering it to the SDMOMA.
2006 Created Installation in a trailer on the Pala Indian Reservation.
2000 Went to art show in Marin where I covertly placed the red dot stickers, that were to be used to mark sold paintings, on every viewer.
1999 Bought Peas with the intention of spitting them into Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" at the SFMOMA. My plans interrupted by a business meeting I sat down outside, and ate the peas.
1998 Ate a piece of Alkatraz utilizing a hammer and sliced bread.

Selected Mail Art

2009 Documented Installation of filling my home with oranges and made postcards out of photographs
2000 Mailed balloon tied package style with rope to artist Eleanora Antinova. (Not sure it arrived.)
1999 Mailed Ziploc bag to artist Dragonfly Dream containing sea sponge wet with sea water from the Oceanside Pier. (She washed with it.)
1998 Mailed Ziploc bag to deceased artist Ray Johnson containing peanuts and assemblage of vintage photo of digging and rabbit fur. (Saw a rainbow that day.)

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Chris Reynolds
May 2007
San Diego Ca
Payson Arizona, USA
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