I Like to take pictures. I always have. I'm not a pro or anything but I just like to. Mostly candids of people.


A long time ago, I bought myself a Minolta X-700 camera. I Still have it, I've taken really good care of it. Over time I would accumulate a pretty decent collection of lenses and stuff. I would keep my camera on the passenger seat of my car just so that it was close.


I was in high school taking pictures for the school paper. I was sent on assignments like go the the Wrestling match and stuff like that. I hated doing this. I found that I would much rather take pics of people walking in the halls and stuff. So that's what I did but thats not what I was supposed to do. Then I started to take lots of candids of people at the mall and stuff. Then when I was 21, Me and a friend went on vacation for a week to the beach and shot like 10 rolls each of people on the boardwalk. We had so much fun with this! and it just kept going and going.


A lot of my pictures are some of the ridiculous things I see in my day to day life and stuff I come across on the internet. If there is a picture picture of you here, don't be mad at me and send me nasty emails, just ask me to to take it down and I will. The only reason it's there in the first place is because it made me say "WTF was that person thinking?" It probably should be your cue to look in the mirror before you walk out the door. Or maybe it's just my ignorance to to fashion world. I think that I dress sensibly. If it's cold I dress warm, if it's hot I try to dress for hot weather. I don't understand how fashion dictates people to wear Calf-height Furry boots when the temperature is 70 degrees. Doesn't make sense to me. So I photograph stuff like that.


With the computer age, I ended up getting a digital Point and Shoot. When I bought it, it was state of the art. Now its a POS, and I regret ever buying it. Its slow, kills batteries rather quickly and saves onto SmartMedia Cards. Who still uses these?


Now I need a Digital SLR!. I'm looking the Canon EOS Rebel XSi. Any thoughts?


This is My PhotoStream. There will be pictures that I take day to day, and pictures from my past that I scan in.


I hope you enjoy.

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