You can buy prints of my stuff at DeviantArt. If there's something here that you want that's not there, just let me know.

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A shadowy flight into
the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

There's more about me on blog and my website.

I write the comic book and comic strip Cosmic Hellcats

Please visit my art website at You can buy prints of my work and see some stuff by a few other artists as well.

I am the creator, founder and administrator for the Flickr group, 365 days. It is based on my own 365 day project, which in turn was based on someone else's. The concept is simple. Take a self-portrait every day, for an entire year. At the end look back and see how you've grown as a person and a photographer. Since I started it, the group has been joined by people all over the world. If you're interested, we'd love to have you aboard. You can start whenever and it's likely to be a wonderful time.

If you like the 365 Days Project and it's changed your life, or even if you don't and you just want to show your support, please, buy my book!

365 Days

Or if you're into comics and hot girls, then maybe you'd like to buy my comic book!

Science Ninja Action Team: Cosmic Hellcats IX

Or what the hell, get both!

You can buy prints of my stuff at DeviantArt. If there's something here that you want that's not there, just let me know.

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  • Panda by Joey K!
  • Cosmic Hellcats by CaptainV45
  • 1-2-10 by chrismaverick
  • Day 1063 - Merry Christmas from Mississippi by lrayholly
  • Day 120 - Just Vanity by like_shipwrecks
  • 2-8-09 by chrismaverick
  • Day 483 - 365 Podcast/Special Edition! by lrayholly
  • 4-19-09 by chrismaverick
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  • 10-15-09 by chrismaverick
  • Day 580 - The answer: Because it's MY self portrait! by lrayholly
  • Day 525 - 3 Musketeers by lrayholly

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    lrayholly says:

    "Chris is a success story! Even if he doesn't know it. He is an accomplished photographer, writer and humorist. He is a true and devoted friend to many. He is the best damned son a mother could want (I'm lucky, I've got 3 like that!). AND he's generous, to a fault, to all! Add to all of that, he's held 3, count them, 3 Wrestling Championship Belts! What more could you ask for?!"

    February 24th, 2007

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    rsm (gone) says:

    "Everybody Loves Chris."

    February 16th, 2007

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    metró says:

    "Chris is a stellar photographer, with a fantastic eye for detail and an amazing work ethic, the photoshop hours are testimonial to that ;) What more is there to say? He clearly rocks :)"

    December 6th, 2006

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    Jack Scoresby says:

    "You know, for someone so busy with a group as demanding as 365days, and working on his own 365days project himself, I'm always pleased to get support from him on my work. It's amazing the time the guy will take for people here on flickr, and that really speaks well of him to treat a stranger so well. Though it's hard to call him a stranger with his self-portraits and captions. I guarantee all of you you'll have known this guy for a few years after looking his photostream over just once."

    November 26th, 2006

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    Marcela P. says:

    "Creative. Inventive. Great photographer.

    Chris is just a sweet guy, the perfect gentleman."

    August 16th, 2006

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    marmal8 says:

    "Hot damn!"

    January 4th, 2005

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