Landscape shots showing a vast expanse and atmosphere are my favourites.
I'm not afraid of colours. In fact the exploration of colour dynamic secrets attracts my personal attention. Every shot is a pure experiment and I don't follow conventions...

In June 2007 I got my first DSLR (Sony Alpha 100 and later 700). I now prefer to work with a full frame camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark II).

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    _SG_ says:

    "~ Chris has a unique way to depict things around. The photos in his stream are really inspiring and his keen eye for details and his passion involved in composition is reflected in all his shots. .

    Keep up the good work! I'm really glad and honoured to be your contact. ~"

    14th February, 2011

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    John_Phillips says:

    "Chris is a very special young man. I am continually impressed with his images and the time and thought he puts into his comments. I find them to be insightful, supportive, perceptive, intelligent, and reflective of his own love for the medium. If he not already an educator he would be a brilliant one. Without a doubt his photographic and communication skills combine perfectly to inspire others.
    Chris's image collection is filled with a love of life and photography. I am grateful for his presence!"

    3rd February, 2009

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    ...42... says:

    "Chris is a climber. And he is a very talented photographer with a exceptional feeling for colors and light. Add both gifts and you get breathtaking pictures taken at places regular mortals just dream of.
    Montains, clouds, views - carefully arranged with stunning effects.
    It's a pure pleasure to explore his photostream.
    His comments are supportive and detailed. An always welcome guest on my page. Thanks a lot!"

    14th January, 2009

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    frank schacht / photojournal-worldwide-exklusiv says:

    "your pictures really reflect your passion and talent,how to put in scene.

    27th August, 2008

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    beingmyself says:

    "Your photos are both beautiful and exhilirating. Through your photos, you seem to dare us to imagen that we are there in person! You definetely capture the beauty of nature in a personal way.
    Thank you"

    3rd August, 2008

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    righez says:

    "One of my favourite photographer on I always follow his shots in my contact page. Every shot...a fave!"

    6th January, 2008

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    anjan58 says:

    "a self described romantic- he is able to combine stunning landscapes and extraordinary colors- always to communicate deeply felt emotions."

    26th December, 2007

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    iandoubleyou says:

    "Just a quick browse through Chris's stream and you'll see really stunning images - a very talented photographer and a great Flickr'er who goes out of his way to provide supportive and helpful feedback."

    16th November, 2007

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    Nourah.A.Edhbayah (Super Flower♥إظبيه) says:

    "Hi ,,,
    You've got many lovely picture & intesting shot ,,,
    i injoy your Flickr ,,,
    spacialy the beautiful view that you add it ,,,
    well done my friend ,,,
    wish you all the best ,,,"

    19th October, 2007

Chris Frick
September 2005
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