I like to take photos during my free time.

When I'm not working or spending time with family, I also eat daifuku (rice cake). If you're free, let's meet, snack on daifuku, and take some random pictures together!

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Any inquiries on my photos, please contact me at chris@bandera.ca. Please do not use any of my photographs without permission, as you only need to ask.


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    christiaan_25 says:

    "There's someone out there (namely, the shining star who introduced me to Chris' work) who called him an urban rat who easily transforms into Nature's elf. She's right, and I'm glad she opened my eyes to Daifuku Sensei's stream. Chris has a rare talent for making pictures that tell stories in his photographs. Whether it's nature as it is, nature in the abstract, a mix of both, or whether it's urban in all its grit and rust, in its shiny metallic glory, or (yes) a mix of both... Chris' depiction is uniquely his. I'm not sure what magic he employs, but most times he bends the laws of physics and shows us the world in mind-warping new lights and perspectives. Views from beneath a towering building, views outward from a towering building, ground shots along a train station, unimaginable angles of plants that show them in a completely new light.... all incredibly good, and incredibly Daifuku Sensei. (I even like his HDR works, because he uses HDR to enhance his subject whereas so many others let the HDR use them and ruin their photos.) Just look at his stream, feel the magic, and tell me I'm wrong. I'm every bit confident that you can't."

    May 6th, 2009

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    one under the sun says:

    "Chris can transform himself from an Urban Rat to the Nature's Elf in no time. His urban shots are vibrant, alive, pulsating. A true HDR Sensei. His nature shots are filled with subtle and dreamy lyricism. And I always wonder how a guy who is so obssessed with cars can see the delicate beauty of a little flower growing between train tracks.

    Chris is also lens aficionado and is not afraid to to put them into good use. He is constantly searching for new products or precious oldies found in his dad’s attic.

    I have the privilege to know Chris personally. He is my best photo-walk buddy. I always look forward to spending time with him because his enthusiasm is contagious. He is also my teacher and I cannot even think of many times when he helped me with my programs, answered my dumb questions, or fixed my mistakes.

    His photostream is a must."

    February 20th, 2009

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    Norah M says:

    "His shots are different. He knows how to compose them, how to shoot a place/thing from a different angle than most of people do.
    He is talented and he can shoot everything! landscape(of course!), macro, nightshots..etc and the outcome is always wonderful and full of life!

    When it comes to the personality, I think that Chris is one of the wonderful, lovely and kind people I've ever met here in flickr.
    He is one of the first contacts that encouraged me when I started photography and still does.
    Thank you Chris.. I'm very happy to know you, you are an amazing flickr friend =)
    Keep up the good work..


    January 6th, 2009

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    Seldon, says:

    "As one of my earliest contacts on flickr, it has been a real pleasure to follow Chris’ development into a fine photographer. His eye for colour, his appreciation of the dramatic and his experimental heart make his art thoughtful, exciting and fun in equal measure. His photostream is always of a consistently high quality and always worth the time spent viewing. He has a unique style; you know instantly when you see a Daifuku Sensei photo.

    At first glance his fantastic HDR and PS treatments jump to the fore, not too surprising given the obvious care and attention he lavishes on his post processing. With Chris you’re not looking at a case of using post processing to cover any defects in composition or technique but as a powerful addition to an already strong photographic identity. HdaRt indeed.

    He’s certainly been an inspiration to me. I think I’ve tried more new approaches to my own work because of his influence than that of any other flickr photographer. There can be no doubt that he has sold more 10-20mm lenses than any amount of advertising or hard sell salesmen. Sigma should be paying him to use their lenses. In addition to all this, his kind, considerate and encouraging commenting, allied to his ever ready good humour make him the perfect flickr friend."

    July 17th, 2008

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