I was born to bring here the spring...
...though with time, I began to dig the autumn.
I'm a cat and I know that, and I'm half a bird too.
I find peace of mind at night, while everybody sleeps...
...then, during quite hours my mind goes off crazier than ever.
I dig the city, but when I visit the country side I love to
witness the productive dynamics of landscapes.
I've got the groove and you'll know that when we'd have
the chance to dance together ; )
I really appreciate it when I wake up and I realise I've
been flying all night long...in dreams I talk to you...
"there is no solution because there is no problem"
is one of my favourites quotes of all times.
Travelling and pushing the limits is the reason I'm here.
I'm mostly interested in any kind of communication process.
In order to empathize with life I find that mystical experiences
are a fundamental part of my own life.
"I don't dress as I do to attract the attention, I attract the
attention because I dress as I do" I dig Moondog all the way.
Travelling through new territories is a nutritive experience,
travelling without moving is even a deeper one...

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Andres Flajszer
December 2005
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