Many years ago I bought a second hand Olympus OM-10 and started photographing my family, friends and the things around me. I've been interested in cameras and photography ever since...

The electronics on the OM-10 eventually failed and I purchased a brand new Fuji STX-2 from 'Boots the Chemist'. I later upgraded to a Minolta X-700 that was on Special Offer in 'Dixons'.

More recently I have aquired many more cameras - mostly bought from charity shops, jumble sales, car boot sales etc. I've also been given several old film cameras by generous people that no longer shoot film. My favourite camera is the amazing Nikon Nikonos V. I also enjoy using 100, 200, 300, 400 Series Polaroid Folding Packfilm Cameras (the ones that take Fujifilm FP-100C), classic 35mm SLRs and manual focus, 35mm compacts from the 70s and early 80s.

I usually buy film in bulk and I love to use the cameras in my collection as often as possible. I always have at least one roll (or pack) of film in a camera and a spare roll in my pocket.

I use both Film and Digital but I find Film more fun, interesting and rewarding.

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My current Favourite cameras:-

Size Comparison, Chinon Bellami versus Olympus XA (35mm Cameras) 023
35mm Ultra Compact:
Chinon Bellami
Olympus XA

Nikon Nikonos-V with optional rubber lens hood...and 'M' is for minolta HI-MATIC S (35mm Zone Focus)...and 'P' is for Prinz 35ER (35mm Rangefinder Camera)1
35mm Compact Rangefinder/Zone Focus:
Nikon Nikonos V
Minolta Hi-Matic S
Prinz 35ER

...and 'P' is for Pentax Super A (35mm SLR Camera)
35mm SLR
Pentax Super A

...and 'P' is for Polaroid Land Camera Model 180, Instant Pack Film, Rangefinder Camera...and 'P' is for Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 340, Instant Rangefinder Camera
Larger Formats
Polaroid Land Camera Model 180
Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 340

Canon Powershot G3 Digital Camera 004
Canon Powershot G3
Sigma DP2

If you're interested in Film Photography or Film Cameras, the following links may be of interest:-

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  • Entrance to Sol Metro Station, Madrid by Chi Bellami
  • Squareback Sunset, Compton by Chi Bellami
  • 2012-04 Millenium Park, Chicago by Chi Bellami
  • 2012-04 Millenium Park, Chicago by Chi Bellami
  • Bus Stop, Denver, Colorado April 2012146 by Chi Bellami
  • Rollei B35 with Metz Mecablitz 171 Flash by Chi Bellami
  • R002/F24 Brightening-up... Royal Enfield at Goodwood Revival 2011 by Chi Bellami
  • Liz, Hat and Char look at Raggy-Tags, Kingly Court, London (Prinz 35ER) by Chi Bellami
  • Reflections.... Budapest (Minolta X-700) by Chi Bellami

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