I'm a keen amateur photographer. My flickr photos are a mix of interesting shots I come across and a sort of blog about our holidays, where we live and friends and family. I rarely find my phone (Moto G4) much good for photography and will usually have my fairly compact Sony HX60 (24-720mm zoom) or one of my two MFT Olympus cameras (sharing 3 lenses) with me. I've also got a big Pentax K-50 with a variety of zoom and prime lenses. I'm increasingly intolerant of over-saturated images and avoid that slider in Photoshop Elements.

If you look at a few of my many flickr albums you'll see that we live in West London, go on lots of holidays and spend a lot of time with family and friends. I also do websites for people (and a big one, free, for a mental health charity) as a sort of hobby retirement business.

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  • JARDIN MAJORELLE by Antonio Zafonte

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Eric Baker
December 2005