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I love photography, traveling, anything automotive, fishing, and women (not necessarily in that order), but I guess you can tell that by looking at my Flickr page. I hope to one day make extra money with photography to support my habit of taking pictures. If you have any suggestions on my photos, please let me know. I'm always open for suggestions. All pictures on my page were taken by me unless I'm in the photo. None were taken from the internet. Please leave comments on my photos so I know what you think about them. That will also help me determine what pictures to post.

I started out just posting pictures I thought were good, now I post a lot of snap shots also. My Flickr page has turned into a snap shot into my life, I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures, because I really enjoying sharing them. If you like something please leave comments.

I'm currently trying to improve my photography skills and expand my portfolio. So I'm doing TFCD work of cars, bikes, and models. You supply the subject I do the photos. I live in North Georgia, but I travel to a lot of shows. If your interested contact me and we will see if we can make it work.

I own all the pictures in this photostream, and all rights to them. So please do not steal them! If you post one on a blog that is fine if it is a link and I get credit for the picture. If you would like to purchase a picture just contact me. This is my art do not steal it, I will prosecute. Thanks

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    Camera Eye Photo says:

    "Doug is a great guy who happens to be an excellent photographer. Each time to we get together to share views on our work, we both learn new things. If you have any needs for shooting anything related to cars, he is the man."

    April 7th, 2009

Doug Miller
April 2007
Gainesville, United States
I am:
Turf & Ornamental Chemical Sales