Kenny Teo Simple Bio-

Upon our awareness, Kenny Teo (zoompict) publication in particular, from multiple media source like Singapore's Yahoo front page , Travel magazines and some local paper had brought him to the photography limelight. He's truly one of the most amazing photographers you will favour in Singapore.

Kenny Teo had definitely strive with an aspiration achievement swapping his title as grand Award winner in 2012 Singapore's Countdown photography competition.

Kenny's substantial positive effort and attitude dedicated in Landscape photography is a awesome phenomenon and no compromising of luck. His specfic genre and profession passion in photography receive numerouse admiration among his fellow peers.
Another admirable beauty reflect his dedication toward well being development and Non-profit charity support act is charitable for us to pick up .

Kenny Teo, prefer as a freelance landscape travel photographer had vast network with international client and establish inspiring relationship through valid account whether in mass media, local press and foreign magazine articles such like Total Escape, Lonely planets, major renown airlines like Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates , Jet star etc…and major international publication and popular bloggers are constantly seeking cooperation to work side by side.

I would summarise in short as "Humble" His unique characteristic photography work is indeed truly profound, a trade in a subtle professional manner that we can follow.
Let us highlight sharing some of his interesting quotes :-

"Photography became a natural transmission of my breathing, i constantly adapt to live with photography and it gradually impart my lonesome passion without any border and restriction through different genre. Strong skilled photographers can express his dedication engaging viewers enjoy in peace silent or any state of mind without a dependent mood.
In photography, I literary enjoy breaking some of the common rules with contemplated valid reason where many traditional master admitted fear most. The final exploring result of most my recent work of vivid vibrancy colors and strong dimensional angles had escalated into astonishing perception for new breakthrough all with strong acceptance and acknowledgement by 21 century media".
My vision for photography is endless. Be ambitious but bear with a rational thought, have good strong background to withstand many failure and quickly embrace harboring the result of the after match. Photography's is a journey of learning, imperfection came before perfection and purification of aware mistake is a gradual process to spot perfection.

In photography, don't easily call "Quit" and admit stupidity comments from others, Degrading one's own talents is not the answer to solution before engaging with a good mentorship enlightening your loss direction.

Kenny Teo give sound mentorship to many new talents, kenny also provide 1 to 1 practical workshop during his availbale spare time when not traveling.
I think many would love to learn and would definitely benefit from his personal coaching.

Now, Let's us enjoy some of his remarkable Bio photography from others below-

Yahoo front page

Flickr+Canon and Me had taken another step further

E-Magazine link available :
ESCAPE Publication

International Publication work profile
2014 calendar



Digital Photographer


Flickr 10 birthday Celebration Edition

Marina Bay Sands

canon 5d2


Singapore Changi Airport




Conceptualism Bride


singapore zoo




Emirates 777



marina bay sands


Singapore River Safari


Candid shot

Wishing Him all the best!

Sign off by
Singapore NTU Media
Jia Xing

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    Justin Howard Photography says:

    "One of the most powerful things about photography is that photos can go where words simply cannot. And I don't think I have the words to encompass the admiration, respect, envy, and joy I simultaneously feel where viewing Kenny's work.

    Kenny is an unstoppable force, a literal juggernaut in terms of nightscape photography in Singapore, and Asia generally. His work combines soft light, excellent compositions that draw the viewer in and on top of all of that he makes it all look so simple when it is anything but. He has influenced me tremendously in how I go about composing my own nightscape work, but like all truly excellent photographers he doesn't limit himself to one field of photography, he is always exploring and always trying to go one step further."

    May 15th, 2015

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    williamcho says:

    "Kenny, you surely have a way with colors...
    It shows in every image you present. Delightful!"

    January 29th, 2013

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    Wang Guowen ( says:

    "A "lao jiao" or so called veteran photograher that had been around for such a long time...I appreciate his inselfishness to share both his photography knowledge and secret "techniques" through his vast experience to newbie like me... It had enlightened me several time and led to many breakthrough before i had reach where i am today...

    I always looks forward to his new work by following closely to his photostream ! It serve as a motivation to keep my photography going and also to "mimic" him and see how well i can do against it...

    Cool Guy ! Great Photographer ! Good friend! Wise Mentor!
    Keep snapping !"

    April 11th, 2012

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    Dylan Toh says:

    "I have been posting on flickr about the same time as Kenny and though our genres have diverged, Kenny's work continues to illustrate one of the most important aspects of photography : growth and development. Kenny's work is now the polished diamond that not so long ago was still in the rough. It is a pleaure to view Singapore through the eyes of such a photographer and for those who have not visited, his images are surely a strong motivator for would-be visitors to see these sights with their own eyes. Good luck for the future !"

    April 11th, 2012

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    Sal Alvarez Photography says:

    "What can I say,

    A humble super talented individual and Photographer.
    Who shares how he see's the world around him, with his Amazing, Beautiful, Captivating, Delightful, Enchanting, Fantastic and Gorgeous images, that can leave you speechless and wishing for more.

    Thank you Kenny, for sharing and giving inspiration with your wonderful photography.

    Cheers Budy!"

    April 11th, 2010

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    linkway88 says:

    " 5th April 2010
    A humble and sincere ordinary guy who love photography.
    True to his honest behaviour,he unselfishly offer and share his experience with friends in giving me pointers which I appreciate them all.
    A self-taught and inspirational photographer,Kenny go beyond his skill of line by explaining in details on what his images instill.His enthusiam of the subjects must have inspired many of his friends here.
    I'm touched by his words in one of his reunion photo with his younger brother who he has not seen for almost 36 years.
    I would continue to follow his photostream for as long as he untiring and unselfishly willing to share his hard work with us here.I wish him good health.
    Best wishes to Kenny and his Big family on their reunion!"

    April 5th, 2010

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    sarah jane images says:

    "Kenny has one of the most beautiful photostreams i have seen on flickr! I go back often to look, hoping to find something I haven't seen yet. If I could I would Fave all of them, eventually I may. His stunning images and extroardinary finishes are a pleasure to view and his encouraging and kind comments are looked forward to."

    October 1st, 2009

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    Mizarin says:

    "Uno Stream Meraviglioso!"

    September 18th, 2009

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    Mel Mijares says:

    "I was just starting in this hobby and Flicker world and met this guy named Zoompict. I was inspired by his photos specially the unique compositions that can't be seen by the normal eyes. His wonderful creations are extraordinary.

    His recent pictures are really captivating. Kenny is passionate in this field and he expresses his kind heart through his work. His profound life realizations shared to everyone are as precious as his masterpieces.

    I was fortunate to bump into him cause he provided me constructive feedbacks that inspired me to improve my photos.
    Thank you my friend!
    More photo to you my friend! Enjoy you passion!

    I'm always excited for his next photo!"

    July 11th, 2009

Kenny Teo
November 2008
Singapore, Singapore
I am:
Male and Taken
Freelance Travel & Commercial Landscape Photographer
zoompict [at]