Chasing Atlantis is a documentary film project exploring the pursuit of a dream. For over the 30 years the Space Shuttle has served as a symbol of collective exploration and international cooperation. The end of an era in human space flight approaches in July with the retirement of the space shuttle. The iconic space program encouraged millions to enter fields of science and technology, break down barriers between race and nation, inspired creative mind of art and literature, allowed us to resolve new images of deep space and reminded us how fragile our planet is as we witnessed the damage to our globe from above.

In July of 2011, a group of five Canadians from Toronto, Ontario traveled to observe the last ever space shuttle launch: Atlantis STM-135 even at the risk of the event being canceled by weather or technical delays. Many of the members of Chasing Atlantis were born during the days of the first shuttle launches. We all grew up in awe of the courage, daring, and passion of the men and women who have brought us a step closer to the stars while reminding us to look back on our own planet. We remember the tragedy of the Challenger disaster in early grade school, and more recently that of Columbia as adults. We have been humbled by the vastness of our universe, and reminded of the beauty of our own world. As the shuttle era closes, we knew we had to bear witness as Atlantis lifts from Earth one last time.

Against the landscape of space exploration through a series of blogs and video entries, we will plumb the history of the Shuttle, and introduce you to the diverse people the program has impacted. In partnership with Riptide Studios, this collection of blogs and videos will become part of the materials for our documentary film, Chasing Atlantis.

Sixty-two miles from Earth, the shelter of our atmosphere fades and we cross the boundary which separates our civilization from the Universe. Those of us on the team have yet to experience the privilege of crossing that threshold ourselves however this trip is the next best thing. Although only five of us fit into our two vehicles, we hope that we can bring many of you along for the trip as you follow through the blog and share in the final film. From orbit, our planet is one; no border lines. In that spirit we reach out to all of you, across those imaginary boundaries, who have looked up and dreamed of what may be.

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Chasing Atlantis
September 2011