I am Real Estate agent based in Marbella, Spain specialising in properties in between Elviria and Sotogrande. My Spanish wife before me had seven years working for a successful broker in Marbella, who brings to the table all the legal side and working of the Spanish Real Estate system. I came into the business in 2006 with fresh eyes but knew, from the moment I picked up a point and shoot camera to capture and list a property , that this was not a worthy way of marketing, any property,from a small rental to a luxury property for sale. There was just no money at the beginning to hire a professional photographer, so embarked on a enlightening journey of discovering the joy of photography. Many many hours of trails and error before discovery a wonderfully insightful blog by Larry Lohrman www.photographyforrealestate.net that changed how we market for ever. And of course with the increase speed of the internet marketing with video is now a reality. The use of Social media for business has also played a huge part in the video and photography as all runs parallel to our end goal. Which is to get our owners, property seen by the right people in the most efficient and elegant way possible .
So I must thank my new friends on Flickr, for their generous feedback and encouragement over the years. For without their help, we would never have progressed as fast and far as we have

Thank you all, sincerely

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  • Cabo Bermejo, Guadalmansa, Estepona  (1 of 1) by Charles Mackenzie-Hill
  • Torre Bermeja, Guadalmansa  (1 of 1) by Charles Mackenzie-Hill
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  • Las Nayades, Estepona  (1 of 1) by Charles Mackenzie-Hill

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Charles Mackenzie-Hill
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