An educational pioneer since 1878, Champlain is a college where students and faculty don’t just respond to opportunities—they create them.

Explore, Immerse, Engage: Become a Global Professional

Champlain Abroad offers students an international perspective and prepares them to be global professionals. Our courses fit across majors with a variety of liberal arts, professional, and interdisciplinary options that provide students with an understanding of cultures and perspectives different than their own assisting them in creating a more global understanding of themselves.

Our intimate Champlain Abroad campuses provide students with opportunities to forge strong friendships, share experiences, and support each other in their explorations of place and self. Local Champlain faculty create guided experiences that require students to question and critically reflect on their character, personality and ethical conduct while challenging them to understand the perspectives and opinions of others who think differently than themselves.

Champlain College Dublin opened its doors Fall 2008. Founded almost two thousand years ago after the Norse invasion of Ireland, Dublin is the country's economic and cultural epicenter, and boasts one of the fastest growing populations in the European Union. Dublin's rich history and traditions are obvious in the city's architecture and the true Dubliner attitude that can be encountered at any neighborhood pub or sporting event. It is hard to wander far in the city centre without experiencing Irish history and society first hand. The works of Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney (just to name a few) surround students and frame their academic experience.

What Makes Champlain Abroad Programs Unique?

Our Staff:
• Personalized support from local Champlain College staff
• Airport or train pickup and welcome from local Champlain College staff
• Local staff available 24/7 in emergencies
• On site Champlain College Head Resident and Resident Assistants

Our Program:
• Small class sizes
• Personal contact with faculty
• On Site Orientation
• Local faculty who understand and students from the United States
• Variety of general and major specific courses
• Professional courses taught by industry professionals
• Curriculum that goes beyond the classroom and engages you in the place, culture and people
• Two weekend trips

Our Administration:
• Predeparture preparation and support
• American college calendar
• Champlain College is an accredited American institution
• Ease of credit transfer
• Connections to Local businesses and government through membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Montréal & Dublin

• Safe and centrally located Academic Centers
• Academic Centers have a high tech computer lab a student lounge, a kitchen, classrooms and comfortable study spaces
• Students have access to the U.S. based Champlain College online library
• Montréal students have the unique opportunity to be immersed with French speaking students from around the world in the University of Quebec's International Residence
• Dublin students have fantastic self catering suite-style apartments

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