I am interested in startups, tech news, social media, local search, online/SMB marketing, poker, NBA/college basketball, etc. Looking for a job in NYC. Local search, SEO, and social media expertise.

Professional Experience:

Chad Burgess

186 2nd Avenue

New York, NY, 10003


Email: chad[at]chadburg.es


GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY – The McDonough School of Business – Washington, D.C.

* Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

* Graduated in 2007 with honors (3.54 GPA/Dean’s List).

* Double majored in Finance and International Business – studied abroad in Australia.



Social Media Part-time (March 2010 – Present)

* Supported SeatGeek’s social media and community development via Twitter, Facebook, RootZoo, Foursquare, Digg, reddit, and other social channels, while improving Social Media Optimization.

* Developed relationships with community influencers to drive both direct and indirect customer acquisition.

VISTAPRINT – Lexington, MA

Senior Product Marketing Associate – Online Services (February 2009 – July 2009)

Product Marketing/Online Marketing Associate – Online Services (December 2007 – January 2009)

* Managed the conceptualization, requirements definition, and launch cycle for Vistaprint’s first offering in the local search/local SMB space, becoming an expert in online marketing.

* Optimized website and product performance via multi-variant, A/B, feature usage, churn, drop-off/UE funnel, and price testing.

* Grew our suite of local business marketing products by working closely with our retention marketing team to optimize email marketing campaigns across all key metrics: open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

* Interacted with our “DIY websites” customers via phone, email, focus groups, and surveys to establish a prioritized plan for releasing new features, which facilitated customer acquisition and product line expansion to >75K paying users in less than one year.

* Led competitive tracking of business models, features, and usability, as well as market research of start-ups and emerging technologies, to inform our product roadmap, feature set, user experience, and pricing decisions.


Analyst (June – September 2007)

Summer Analyst (June – August 2006)

* Analyzed a full spectrum of strategic alternatives for a retail company including a modeling analysis of a leveraged buyout, merger, and share repurchase.

* Performed comparable public company and precedent M&A transaction analyses.

* Created revenue/CAPEX models to conduct sensitivity analyses of financial projections under different growth and margin scenarios.

* Designed advanced PowerPoint decks for clients utilizing market research and financial modeling.

* Created research matrices of comparable companies for firms contemplating merger opportunities.


SOCIAL WEB: Devoted interest in the social web including regular activity in multiple Twitter accounts (@chadburgess/@60rindge/@SeatGeek) and blogging (chadburgess.tumblr.com and SeatGeek.com/Sports). See also: GetGlue.com/ChadBurgess, foursquare.com/user/chadburgess, chadburgess.yelp.com, and card.ly/chadburgess. GENERAL: Reading, going out with friends, basketball, poker, tennis, listening to music, and staying abreast of the latest tech trends. A strong working knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word – “Training the Street”certified. I have a DandyID Gold Social Rank and a wide social footprint: www.dandyid.org/id/chadburgess.

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Chad Burgess
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