I remember like it was yesterday when I got my very first camera. It was at Disneyland and it had mickey mouse all over it. I was very excited about getting this camera and I used almost 3 rolls of film in one day. Ever since then I had a urge to learn and understand photography a lot more. About 4 years ago, I got my very first digital camera because I was traveling throughout Europe that next month. A year later Australia too. I still had not taken any photography classes then but my interests still grew because of this new type of way of taking pictures.


Now, I just got another camera and I am now focusing my shots in HDR. I am loving the turn out with some of my pictures around my home town, but what more amazing shots will appear in my Flickr account? I guess you have to keep checking!


Check out my new website at www.chaddunbar.net: www.chaddunbar.net/photo/index.html

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