Audio/Video/Music guy, former film student, recently gaga for emulsion again! here are my most interesting photos as determined by our pals at flickr.


also, if you'd like to check out the complete range of the cameras i've been acquiring, go to my analog collection.


i just started a little photo blog on tumblr which i will update intermittently.



I recently edited and sound designed Adam Green's all-iPhone feature film The Wrong Ferarri.


Some of my images are also available under license from Getty Images. Please feel free to check those out Here.


so you'd like to use one of my photos on a blog or other site?i'm glad you like the picture! i currently have most of my photos under a Creative Commons license that specifies you are free to share them as long as you share an unaltered version for non-commercial purposes, and that you credit me.

I'd also appreciate an email letting me know where you posted the picture. Thanks!


if you're interested in checking out some of my music as well, you can go to bandcamp


thanks for looking around!


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