The vast majority of the images in this Flickr stream are 'my own invention'. I post them here to share with this community but also to use them in my blogs, so the stream also works as a storage space (these days they call it 'cloud').


My interests oscillate between what could be called 'very abstract photography' (you will find many examples of it here, often with the tag #aman_geld, the project I have been running last 5..10..15? years) and the 'real life' photography. The latter includes basically everything: people, places, materials, technologies, signage and how all that interacts with each other in space. Also art.


Images of art works gradually became of the main topics here, especially after I got hooked into the art_mirrors_art project, about mirrors in art (you could read more about it here:


At some point I began to gather here not only my own photographs, but the images made by other people, too - the above artworks, but also other photographs, charts, maps, and whatnots. I try to attribute all these works as accurately as I can, but it's not always possible, unfortunately. Too many images are just 'laying there' on the Internet, unattributed and untitled. If you will find your own image here without a proper attribution, please do let me know, so we can sort the things out.


In any case, all these images have been gathered for private use only, and comply with a fair use policy, and are reproduced here with research and educational purposes only. But then again, I respect the rights of the legitimate owners and will listen to their opinion first.


Enjoy the flow!

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