Most of the stuff in this flickr is of my own production, so to speak (mostly photographs, but sometimes other (art)works too); I use many of these images in my (numerous) blogs, so this stream may look merely like a storage.

It's not. I admire a community of the visually-gifted Flickrers and keep finding here amazing pictures and projects that are both informative and inspiring; more importantly, I keep finding amazing people here, too.

At some point I also began to gather here not only my own works, but the images of other people - photographs, artworks, charts, maps, printscreens and whatnots. I try to attribute all these works as accurately as I can, but it's not always possible, unfortunately; too many things are just 'laying there' on the web, unattributed and untitled.

If you will find your own image without a proper attribution, please do let me know, so we can sort the things out. All these images have been gathered for research and educational purposed only, and comply with a fair use policy.

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Playing Futures: Applied Nomadology
November 2004
The Netherlands
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Playing Futures