I am Viennese, London is my adopted city.

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BORDERWATERS by Krystina Stimakovits & Susan Wolff

CAMOUFLAGE ALLEY krystina stimakovits by Krystina Stimakovits

THRESHOLDS.....35 photographs involving glass.
T h r e s h o l d s

Thresholds ... By Krystina Stimakovits

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U R B A N   P A R A L L E L S
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    Delay Tactics says:

    "I've been watching and impressed with Krystina's work for many years now. She will always find that unique angle and subject that you immediately identify as hers without having to see her name on the screen."

    February 13th, 2016

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    kate mellersh (come to a halt) says:

    "Krystina's stream strikes me as an infinitely patient meditation - on translucency, texture, and compositional rhythm. The themes emerge gradually, through shrouding, in the subtlest of almost-monochrome shades. Even in such urban contexts, nothing ever seems abrupt or out of place - it all just flows into a much bigger point of view. That sense of organic wholeness made this gallery (link below) the very hard to curate - it feels slightly rude to pluck images out of context! I love the sense of calm I get from viewing your work.

    January 22nd, 2010

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    www.leekaloidis says:

    "You never photograph particular things.

    You only see complete wholes.

    And because you see complete wholes so well,
    you can break down the articulating limits,
    tear off the skin of things,
    until your work becomes more musical passage
    or complex fragrance
    than merely an interesting record of objects.

    When I said a while ago that you defy photography,
    that is what I meant.

    You record instability.
    Not the instability of muscled action,
    but the instability of exposed vulnerability,
    the instability of the preciously hidden.

    Without shame, without defiance,
    but with mature confidence.

    If most photographers focus on the shape of the shell,
    you focus on the soft center.

    Your work is immensely feminine.
    No man could ever see this way."

    September 3rd, 2009

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    ray_v_tal says:

    "Casually, Krystina is one of my favorite photographer,
    or better say artist.
    i love the way she frames reality to create her own unique language,
    her own letters - with which she conveys her say.
    i truly feel she writes me / us her story of urban life tales.
    revealing the aesthetics whispers between the layers.
    Casually is one of the reason for me to re-visit flickr
    and be inspired again and again.

    Good luck with the book and with everything you do, Dear."

    May 3rd, 2009

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    pink~putz says:

    "Krystina is one of the most exciting and accomplished photographers on flickr........ why just stop at flickr?
    The first thought that comes to mind when i look at her images is 'ooooo I wish I'd taken that!' I love the way she uses light, her unique sense of design, her intelligent compositions, her evocative use of colour........
    Her comments are honest, sensitive and insightful and her contribution to discussions has me mulling ideas over for days.
    ......thank gourd she's on flickr!!!"

    February 15th, 2008

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    s2art says:

    "It's people like casualites that made the "old flickr" the great place it was, casualities' work understands the REAL nature of photography, thanks for sharing"

    June 29th, 2007

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    pa gillet says:

    "Casualty doesn't have only an incomparable talent with her eye but she also knows the words of arts and heart.

    This is why i won't say anything more from now cause she's unbeatable."

    January 13th, 2007

October 2006
Vienna, Austria
London, UK
I am:
ex-director of voluntary organisation
krystina stimakovits photography