Sou a Olharapo, excluida sem aviso! :)

começar de novo!

I am Olharapo, i have been excluded without warning! starting over again!

I'm a crafter, with an obsession of Japanese beauty and design, who lives with two felines companions who make my days. I Love living in Lisbon, with a lucky garden in my house!

I love to know about new crafters and works, love to chat, so send me a mail! :)

I’m naturally from Lisbon, Portugal, a true lover of my home town, I like being a tourist in this nostalgic city! Many times I like going to the side of the river to write and draw some doodles, watching the boats, the birds, I find it very relaxing and inspiring!
I’m a crafter too, but now I only do it for my friends and family, I’m not selling for a while, I like working with many materials, and always trying new things, I’ve worked with beads, wood, clay, fimo, I’ve done softies too, drawing with water colors and oil… I’ve been planning some new kind of work to sell in the future, but in a different way, I’m going to learn some graphic design to meet a wish that I have for a long time - making patterns. 

I graduated in sociology, but always worked in other areas alongside, like theatre. After I graduated I found very hard to get a full time job in this area that could actually pay my bills. So I managed to work in some partial jobs to make it. I’ve been working on statistics, crafting for some friends business, and working for my sister’s shop. And I now I started collaborating in some film school, on production and characterization.

About my hobbies, I’m a person with many interests, I usually like discovering music, always investigating new of the things I like doing is making OST’s for my friend’s movies. Real pleasure to me!

I like writing and drawing, travelling it’s one of the most fantastic things to me! I love cooking international cuisine, finding new flavors, spices and sauces!

On daily basis the most pleasant thing I get to do it’s to wonder around on my small backyard with my 2 little cats, Tuna and Daisy!

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carolina rodrigues
October 2009
Lisbon, Portugal
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