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For those who say my pictures wouldn't get stolen if I didn't post them -- well, you're right. I'm done putting up original images of any quality on Flickr, since the new culture believes that theft is a right and the victim is to blame. Come by and steal the flowers from my garden while you're at it. Everything that's mine is yours.

If you have an interest in commercial use of my photographs, please contact me by Flickr mail. I do NOT give away photographs for use by commercial websites or other commercial ventures.

This is what I want you to see.

But let's not kid ourselves, you're here for the ballet pics.

I've been a victim of available light since I picked up my first camera and learned how to push film. Even with my digital (first a Nikon Coolpix 995, then a D70s, now a D7000), I'm always trying to coax a photo out where there is no light. As a result, I do a fair amount of highlighting in Photoshop.

Comments are always welcome. I do not join "awards" groups.

These shots should give you some idea of what I do:

Karen, menacedBike in hallEmpire State PlazaThe World at the Daily News2 at the barre 3

I blog, too, but who doesn't these days?

What's on my iPod? All kindsa stuff.

NOTE TO CREEPS (you know who you are) -- if you fave or comment on my pictures and I find that you have no photographs of your own, that your faves are filled with pornography, or that your other connections are primarily of an adult nature, I will BLOCK you at the very least. If I see inappropriate content, you will be reported. So just go somewhere else.

Also, NOTE TO PINTERESTEERS -- I'm not interested in having my photos swiped and posted all over creation. The first posting follows Flickr's guidelines, but reposts carry no attributions. I will ALWAYS report copyright violations to Pinterest, and they have been obliging about taking my content down. Want to look at it? Look at it here.

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