FMWR provides an array of services and programs at every installation including family, child and youth programs, recreational, sports and fitness activities, food and catering, entertainment, and travel and leisure.
FMWR stands ready to:

* Assist Families with financial matters
* Assist spouses in their research for jobs
* Operate leisure type programs such as bowling, golf, or a place for the Family to gather for a great meal to enjoy quality time together
* Support Families who have chosen to home school their children
* Maintain the highest standards in our Child Development Centers
* Assist Families with managing deployment and the day-to-day stresses associated with military life
* Operate fitness centers with state-of-the-art equipment

FMWR at Carlisle Barracks continually strives to meet the mission of serving Soldiers and their Families as well as the entire military community.

FMWR is a great resource that is available to our military and civilian personnel.

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Carlisle Barracks FMWR
March 2010