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Locations of visitors to this page

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I'm just one guy among the of the masses of people on this huge planet. Since joining Flickr I feel I've become more focused on the things that interest me in life. This site has a way of exposing your interests and your vision of the world not only to everyone out there but also to oneself.

I'm pleased with what I see in my pictures and those of others I have chosen as favorites. Overall it's a positive and hopeful view and one I'd like to think I send out personally. I love colourful images. I'm drawn to amazing architecture whether it be ancient, old, modern or futuristic. I'm fascinated by and flying. Planespotting makes me feel like an 8 year old. Travel is a passion and if I could I'd go to every city and every country everywhere I would... sadly it's costly just to go to the next city LOL..

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my pictures. I'm not a professional and don't claim to be anything more than the amature I am. Like most I get the occasional good shot :) So feel free to add me as a contact if you'd like and please comment on any of my images. I enjoy the feedback and interaction I get here online and thanks in advance, hope to "talk" to you soon :)

For higher resolution versions of some selected photos I also post to this site:

Photos of caribb (11)

  • AP-EDA A320-214,AIRBLUE by shabid2009
  • flickr Explore page by comiquaze
  • food dish by Daniel Rojas Photography. . . '[O]'
  • Happy Valentine ♥ by Daniel Rojas Photography. . . '[O]'
  • Music is my life by Daniel Rojas Photography. . . '[O]'
  • Tech life by Adrian Billena
  • I give you the moon by Daniel Rojas Photography. . . '[O]'
  • El duro camino hacia empezar de nuevo by Daniel Rojas Photography. . . '[O]'
  • Cuando estoy contigo es en lo unico que pienso! :3 by Daniel Rojas Photography. . . '[O]'
  • Happy New Year ! by Σταύρος
  • nifty fifty by *Brightburn*

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Testimonials (6)

  • view profile

    Adrian Billena says:

    "caribb is a good man he always there he is a good photographer and he is also my first friend who likes aircraft and he's a truly a one in a billion friends."

    April 24th, 2009

  • view profile

    wandering cave says:

    "caribb is Very talented person ..
    He's 5 star photography, I really loved all you're work
    *and accept me to be you'r friend, best wishes :)"

    June 9th, 2008

  • view profile

    WorldOnePhoto says:

    "Great Photographer! Period! Want to see Montreal? This is the place.. Terrific Aviation Photos!!! Certainly a mentor of mine..."

    November 22nd, 2006

  • view profile

    Whiny Dancer says:

    "Caribb takes me on a journey of Montreal in all of its seasons:
    the crimson fall leaves, snowy streets, and the spectacular sunny days of spring and summer. Caribb captures this city in daylight and also with a dynamic nightime lighting. He even has shots of the pouring rain !
    Caribbs' love of architecture is evident.
    He has wonderful photos of a multitude of buildings - modern and old-, churches,and homes.
    He show the urban reality of the city with his pictures of real people, street kids, the ordinary people we see every day, who become
    extraordinary through his vision
    And the festivals - caribb captures the Jazz Fest and the Cafiesta . and others ,with all of itheir colours and flavours and he zooms in on the participants. The people are expressive, showing many emotions.
    And then there are the plane photos - that would be a whole other testimonial !!!
    Caribb has such a zest for photography. His collection and sets are many and are very diverse.
    I cannot imagine how anyone viewing his photos of Montreal would not want to hop on a plane and come and visit !!!
    I look forward to more of the journey of Montreal and the skies through his eyes !!!!


    September 23rd, 2006

  • view profile

    sfPhotocraft says:

    "Caribb has an amazing eye. I got to know him through the different airline and airplane groups. He always has amazing stuff and great captures. Then I went into some of his other Montreal work and saw his talent isn't just with things that fly. The same great eye translates on the ground in and around Montreal. Always enjoy his groups and his work!"

    September 11th, 2006

  • view profile

    Ken's Aviation says:

    "I added caribb as a contact to keep track of his excellent airliner photos...but don't forget to check out his other work! You'll be glad you did."

    July 20th, 2006

December 2005
Montreal, Canada
I am:
Male and Open