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Please note that most of my photos are available under an Attribution Creative-Commons license.

(If you are using one of my photos under a Creative Common license (most are licensed for use with attribution), please attribute the photo as follows:

either David M. Goehring or CarbonNYC on Flickr -- and when used online, please link text and/or image to the respective image comment/overview page on Flickr)


And I'd love for you to let me know (either by e-mail or in the comments) if you make use of any of my photos! I dig seeing them out in the "wild"!


And enjoy! :)


Rebranding? by CarbonNYC [in SF!]








With Vitalistic Intention Scrappy


Unflaunted The Anti-Parrot


Some favorites:


Meet Thelma "What Are You Playing At?"


   Pieces of Me?


Taloned   Ultimatum


Middle Section   Conflicted


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David's Photostream keeps me coming back time and again. I grow increasingly jealous of his ability. He's always happy to reply to my most inane comments with tolerance and good will. All round a Jolly nice chap and a lovely friend!

March 9, 2009