Mostly images of things I like, with some photo taking on the side/s (also of things I like). Flappers, patterns, motel signs; food, shoes, cats; rinse, lather, repeat. I don't purport to be any sort of expert on anything, so if you're wondering about something maybe I am, too? Drop me a line.

Also, sometimes it annoys me that you fave a whole bunch of stuff and are still all private-penny. Sometimes I don't mind so much, and it's fine, but if I'm feeling cranky I reserve the right to block you just because I wanna.

Uh, also: if you are skeezy? Dude. To the blocklist you go. Don't be a perv and expect me to not be hubristically offended. And I totally get to define skeezy if you are illiterate and especially if you don't bother to write first.

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  • Lunch with Allison and the gipp by deejay1918
  • dinner 200 miles away by sleepyneko

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    esquemeauxpi says:

    "Straight up & down, Allison is the dopest."

    January 3rd, 2008

Allison Marchant
June 2005
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