PLEASE NOTE:- Not the slightest bit interested in male 'dangly bits'. I have no interest in men at all that's why I dress like this and guys please note, not only have girls like us heard all your sad chat up lines but we have used them ourselves in the past.
Pictures are all me, no "additions or subtractions" taken by me and just pasted over background pictures I have taken on my travels or at home. I paste pictures of myself over backgrounds because I find plain white backgrounds boring.
For the geeks i use a Nikon D80, D70 and D90, home pictures use a Elinchrom D-Lite 2 and D-Lite 4 with softboxes. Pics are on self-timer usually at 320 iso, F7.1 at a 60th

Male to female cross-dresser based in London. If you hadn't guessed into girlie clothes, latex, extreme heels and very tight corsets.
I have only found the delights of crossdressing, call it what you will, over the past six or seven years and just wish I had given into temptation more years ago than I care to remember although I did have a few attempts and the desire has always been there.
To be be able to dress in this way empowers me, it feels 'natural' and I feel far more comfortable as a woman than a man, in fact I spend almost all my time when at home or out in the evenings as female.
For those that require labels then I would say I'm androgynous with a large dose of camp and quite effeminate and a pathological dislike of "real men" which is usually a veil to hide inadequacies.
Well after a little soul searching and admitting things to myself I have come to a few conclusions.
Was I born I the wrong body? Most definitely yes
Am I androgynous? Oh yes because of my asexuality
Am I really asexual? Most definitely, probably for the past six or seven years in reality. AVEN
Sorry guys and girls but dressing in this way is not a turn on for me, it makes me who I am.
My greatest asset is my partner who supports me in so many ways and I consider myself so lucky to be with her. Not only does she never complain but helps me choose so much of my wardrobe. Her advice is invaluable considering my appauling colour eyesight! Our children know and are most supportive as are the vast majority of our friends.
My second greatest asset is the lovely Stephanie, someone who has become so very important to me in so many, many ways. Her femininity is an inspiration and her support invaluable. We have taken each other forwards on what is becoming the most important journey of our lives. Without her I doubt if I would have ever had the courage to venture out in daylight.
The joy to be able to be the woman I was meant to be in 'normal' situations is indescribable. To be able to walk down the street, to go shopping, to interact with people, is the most fabulous feeling. I know I cannot pass as female and because of that it is not important to me, I am proud to be who I am. It gives me the confidence I never had as a man because as I now realise, I was too busy pretending to be a man.

Short and Sweet
We can usually be found at Club Subversion, Magic theatre and Pedestal.
Taken, effeminate and straight.
You can find my blog at

2 March
Could life get more amazing? Well with a bit of luck but in the meantime my first T-girl only outing. Off with my bestie Stephanie and Gillian totterering to Brick Lane to meet up with Rachel and Jennifer in a bar. Do we get spotted, yes of course but that is part of the fun. Bar staff must be used to 'us' and are very courteous and use non-gender specific language. We get noticed but that is about it.
After a while we seek out somewhere to eat and get stopped by three tourists eager to take our picture. Well its not often you find five trannies is it and let's face it if someone gets out a camera you find a queue of T-girls appear next to you.
We find a restaurant and after a little 'gentle' persuasion its all madam and miss. Great fun ensues and by the time we leave the place is full and no one had stared or pointed at us.
Gilian leaves us and we return to the bar for a last drink and then its time for home. It seems, as we walk, that we get spotted, one guy stares in horror and another just scurries off into the darkness. Jennifer grabs a cab and we are three. Eeeek another first, public trannyport ! We walk down the concourse of Liverpool Street station which is fairly full. Not a flicker, people are too busy to notice us. Onto the underground, oh dear we are now trapped. Thankfully no problems. Off we get into the dark and sparsely populated night and wait for a bus. A couple of minutes and we are on, nothing again. Off we get, change buses and in no time off again. Into the car and I'm home just before midnight.
Exciting? No. Frightening? No. Magical? Most definitely. Do it again? You try stopping me ! Yes I know that at any stage it could have all gone terribly wrong but then it always can whatever mode we are in.
25 April Off to Camden Market with Stephanie. A drinkie in the Black Cap and then threading our way through the thronging masses. Getting spotted is fast becoming a sport although I have to curb my natural disposition to walk quickly. I just don't do dawdling. Its all great fun, so many clothes, so many styles, so much colour! I even surprise myself by being tempted by maxi-dresses, me of all people!
21 April
Off Stephanie and I set to Manchester to celebrate Stephanie's and my birthdays and what a fabulous time we had. Met up with Emily, Rosemary, Kelly and CJ. Drinks, dinner, more drinks then clubbing at still out at 3 am! Not bad for old biddie.
7 April
After last weeks little jaunt with Stephanie over Hampstead Heath, our little visit to a pub and running the gauntlet of lots of people we decided a proper outing was called for. The glorious spring sunshine beckoned and off we went. First the bus then the underground and another bus and we were strolling round Regent's Park. Sure we got spotted but who cares, we didn't. A few pictures and then a stroll through the lunchtime crowds to Baker Street, a little lunch, another bus and off at Oxford Street. We take in Marks and Spencers and a stroll around Selfridges. Some workmen got an eyeful as the wind lifted my skirt on our way home but filled with confidence I didn't care and off we went home. About a four hour outing and I loved every minute and its do it again time today too !!
28th May
26 May. Out with the girls last night, a drink and a meal in the infamous tranny haunt Brick Lane with Gillian, Rachel and Denise.
There we are sitting outside a bar when a young man invites us to a new T-girl club supposedly opening next month and who's the silly air head that gives him her phone number, yes me. Then to cap it all a nice young man leaps out of a van stopped at the traffic lights and asks us if we would like to be in his bands music video and me the silly tart that I am give him my phone number too! Now random women asking for my number is one thing but men !
22 May. Another day out yesterday. Stephanie came over and we did a photo session in the morning and then went out to the Regents Park Canal and walked along to Camden. A drink on the Black Cap and then a stroll around the market for a couple of hours, fabulous. Stephanie is coming over again today for some more photo's and then I'm off out again on Wednesday evening for a drink and a meal with the girls down Brick Lane.
15 May. Oooo I'm so not good at this updating malarky. Too, too busy that's my trouble. A couple of outings with Stephanie have resulted in some stunning pictures at a local park and Hampstead Heath.
This weekend has been wonderfully tiring. Out on Friday night with my partner, Stephanie and a couple of friends to Club Pedestal a female domination club in Vauxhall for some fun. By the time we had got Stephanie home and got to bed it was 4.30 a.m.
Saturday night was a trip to the Magic Theatre with my partner, Stephanie and five friends. It was our first time there and I can see there will be many more visits. The SatNav decided to take us the scenic route home and we got in around 3.00 am. We are totally shattered but it was all worth it.
7 May Well that was fun, yesterdays visit to Rebecca was rather fabulous we shall have to do this again and again.
6 May Off out again today. Gillian and I are going over to Rebecca's. Outfits are packed, should be fun and lunch sounds amazing !
4 May Stephanie I Took a fair number of pictures at my house then went out to Hampstead Heath. It was a truly lovely day, a little cool but the sun was shining. I am so lucky to live where I do. So close to the centre of London but even nearer to such peace and quiet. We were so taken with the day that I filled the memory card in the camera and had to use the one in Stephanies !

Well girls and boys a new name? No not really I have decided to dispose of multiple names so Candy, Madelaine and Ann or now just Ann.
Ann Drogyny I feel suits me me more and is far more representative of the person I am. Hope you don't mind sweeties

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    Steffi CD says:

    "Only browsed through the first page of your pictures and am already totally blown away. Gorgeous girl in gorgeous outfits. Truly inspiring xx"

    March 21st, 2016

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    "Ann's such a cool gal, great fun to be with and also responsible for most of the finer photos on my stream. Thanks Ann!"

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    "Oh I have been such a lucky girl to have met Ann.
    Ann has been a true Friend, Generous and caring
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    May we have many more adventures in the future.

    Love Stephanie xxx"

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    Congratulations on an outstanding personal transformation, photography and artistry.
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