Thank you for sharing yourself with the Canadian Mosaic project! Since the beginning of the Canadian Mosaic project on October 1st, 2008, 16,000 portraits from every province and territory in Canada have been created by photojournalist, Tim Van Horn. Every year until 2017, Tim Van Horn will traverse the Canadian cultural landscape, interviewing and photographing thousands of Canadians, meticulously recording each individual story.
This project attempts to unite the country, a people, in one single all encompassing, euphoric visual. Each one of us has a story to tell and to share. The Canadian Mosaic project brings our unique, interconnected stories together into one spell-binding visual. The Canadian Mosaic project’s mission is to create an astonishing 36,000 portraits. This number represents a seemingly miniscule .1% of the population of Canada but it will be the most comprehensive portrait ever created on the Canadian people. The collective story of these 36,000 portraits will converge and weave together a spectacular, ‘prism of life:’ shining a spotlight on the meaning of life.
On Canada Day in 2017, for Canada’s 150th birthday, a larger-than-life 30x100 foot Canadian flag mosaic will be unveiled at a major
Canadian museum. This living tapestry of life, will play an instrumental role to bring together the people of Canada.
The task at hand is to focus, gather and define the sentiment of the Canadian people across the gamut of Canadian society: from all regions, inclusive of all ethnic/socioeconomic groups, sub-cultures and generations. Every attempt is being made to construct an authentic, visual anthropological document that genuinely reflects our collective humanity. The mission is to form, capture and
assemble visually, the true reflection of the Canadian cultural identity; the people, the places and positive values as the centre.
Tim’s responsibility, philosophy is to remain an uninfluenced, respectful, open-minded journalist/storyteller approaching the subject from the position of a researcher and visual anthropologist. The Canadian Mosaic project is about and for you the people! To learn more about this amazing project, who we are as a people and to find your photo, please visit:

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