I am a recently retired Canadian named Gregory Melle.

My careers included database software analyst which means that I appreciate classification and context for my creative efforts.

Most of my photos are posted with titles, approximate dates, descriptions, tags and geotagging.

Almost every photo is put into two albums; one based on the year that the picture was taken and another based on the location or trip.

All albums belong to Collections which are based on decades and geographic areas.

In an effort to save more than a dozen years of work, I have been coerced into paying for Flickr Pro even though I am much more of an Amateur Photographer.

Since Google has apparently given up on indexing my newer photos, the ancient ones remain my most popular.


Your comments are quite welcome.

My email address is: geemelle@gmail.com


These photos are marked as Non-Downloadable and All Rights Reserved. This means that downloading, copying or reproducing without my specific written permission is illegal copyright infringement. Please link but don't copy.

I am open, of course, to usage with appropriate but modest payment.

In most cases, I have better copies available upon request.


I have put some creative efforts into my CanadaGood YouTube Channel

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